Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hibiscus hope and a pretty kitty!

This morning I had to trim my hibiscus and lantana bushes...sadly they were blooming away and I had to cut all of the great show off of them!!! I had a whole section hanging down from the front of the bibiscus bush that HAD to be trimmed or I would have had to have tied the thing up to keep it from cracking off from weight. I figure they will all be blooming out again in a few weeks, so no big deal, really.

I brought in a lot of the cut blooms and stuck them into my never brought down Christmas tree that has been left up as a symbol of hope for the world. I call my tree a new name now...HIBISCUS HOPE!!! The lights are still on it, but were turned off for the pic. It is sitting over there glowing at me right now and so much prettier with her lights on!

Our new Petsmart opened today, so we stoppd in for a look-see. Lovely store! Lovely animals for sale, and lovely people working there! Doozey got a new scarf to wear! She is saying, OH GOSH, DO I HAVE TO HAVE MY PICTURE TAKEN, MOM?????

When we were about to leave, we saw the most beautiful cat...a Himalayan! His name was Bentley, and we spent quite a little while visiting with him! So fluffy and soft...big blue eyes...just a real beauty! Reminded me of Judi's cat, Abby over at Cranberry Blossoms, except that Abby is a Persian X, and she is, of course a different color. Did you know that a Himalayan is a cross between a Persian and a Siamese? I didn't. Lovely!!!

Hello handsome!!!

The grandkids went down to their other grandparents house today, so this makes 3 days I haven't seen them, and I am suffering withdrawl. I love those little cutie pies!!! Hope ya'll have a fun Sunday!!!


Bobbie Lynn said...

That is a beautiful cat. A new place to shop and that little Doozey girl can go too. Very pretty way to decorate your Hope tree. Love the red hibiscus. They seem to do very well over in Florida. Have a great day!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

OH My---Sorry you had to cut back your hibiscus and lantana bushes... Bet they were gorgeous--even though they were drooping... Hope they come back for you.

I love love your Hibiscus tree.... Reminds me of Christmas --which will be here in only 5 months.... Yipes-how time flies.

I often wonder where Petsmart (and those kind of places) get their animals... I have read about Puppy Mills and hate to even think about that... I don't think I'd buy a pet from there... BUT--maybe I'm wrong about Petsmart.

That is a gorgeous cat though... We once got a cat which someone had left at the Vets Office.... It was a gorgeous cat also--but when we got it home, we found out that it was a MEAN one... I guess that is why someone got rid of it to begin with.

Have a great Sunday.

Julie said...

Betsy- I don't think this store sells the dogs and cats...only rescue groups come in with them. They do sell reptiles, and small mammals like rats, and guinea pigs, birds and fish. I agree with you that I don't like dogs sold from pet stores.

Judi said...

Hi Julie
The hibiscus is BEAUTIFUL....oh you have such a green thumb! Gorgeous. Your baby Dooley did look a bit camera shy..*g*...cute picture.

You know when I looked at Bentley I went "ahhhh" that looks so much like Abby and then you had thought the same thing..:o) Abbey's face has a bit more of a flat look although its not real flat...her colouring almost makes it an Illusion or something...but how gorgeous that kitty is.

Well you will see your grandbabies today I think...*hugs* have fun!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Sounds like you had a good day despite not having the cutie pies around. Doozey will have to be your cutie pie.

cjnay234 said...

Love that Doozey!

Arasu said...

The Christmas tree looks nice with the hibiscus flowers. We also have hibiscus and lantana in our home. The pets look cute.