Friday, July 23, 2010

We have to do something for all of us...the whole country!

What do you guys think of a single payor system of healthcare? Like put everyone on Medicare and le the government run it? Do you think it is fair that poor or low income, or even people who work that don't have the luxury of (f-ing) insurance, can't have healthcare??? What the -----????? I've always had insurance. I'm a lucky one. Yes...VERY LUCKY. If I didn't I couldn't afford my medication or pay for doctor visits, or any tests I might need. My teeth would ROT THE ---- out of my head...and guess what...nobody would give a care! If you think it is easy to get any kind of help...even here in Palm Beach County, freakin are wrong!!! You will be out on the street...homeless, in a drop of a hat...unless you have someone to REALLY help you. I am learning this all first hand. It is sickening! It makes me want to vomit and cry all the time. Watch it happen to someone you is not good. It's terrible...REALLY terrble.

Normally I don't talk about negative or political stuff on my blog, but I just wonder what you all think we, as Americans should do. I despise the rich buying, buying, buying...why??? Because they are fortunate to have been able to go to college, or be in a weathy family. Not everyone is able to do that, obviously. We need all people, at all levels, to accomplish all of the jobs we need done here in this county. We, the fortunate, enjoy all the laboring of those who are stuck in this lower trap! we care??? God, we should...we REALLY should.

I believe a single payor system for healthcare would benefit us we love one another, or do we just look the other way?????