Saturday, July 31, 2010

Not much new...

When Friday at work ended, I was kinda tired from getting up so early all week, but I took an hour nap before we went out to eat...just down the road, to our fav Mexican place. Thank God it is so close, as it has become our favorite type of food, it seems. I had a vegetarian dish of spinach enchiladas and black beans and rice on the side. The beans were too salty, so I did not eat them, and I only had a few bites of the rice since it was so carbilicious!!! Oh, I made a new word...LOL.

Remember those bromeliads I had found along the road and picked up for free? I stuck them up under the hibiscus on the lower branches along the ground, and they are happy! Hubby and I went over to Lowes this evening to find a new one to tuck in, and they didn't have the type I wanted. I need to research them because there are so many types, but I want a smaller type but with the firmer leaf (not the leafy leaf, if you know what I am talking about)! I believe they are called can see some HERE. I love all the pink ones!!!

Today my friend and I went to a housewarming for a gal at work who I have worked with for the last 20 years, off and on. She just got her first house, and I am so happy for her! She had been registered at Target, and had picked all different colors of towels and hand towels, and a multicolored pack of 12 washcloths. My friend and I had gone to Target and tried to peice together all the towels on her list, and it semed like none of it went together...well, when we saw the multipack of washcloths all in bright cheery colors, we knew we had to match them, so we got a matching colored towel and hand towel for each color of the washcloths. They were beautiful. We decided to pack them in a laundry basket, and they had a black one which really showcased all of the bright and white colors so nicely. We threw a card on top with a curly ribbon bow in the same bright colors of the towels, and I thought it was just a wonderful gift, and just such a pretty presentation!

This evening we picked up the grandkids, and have been playing, and of course, Donovan and I had to do a little painting in our otherwise trash financial books, ...the one above is the one I painted, and then daughter came along and really took it up a notch by adding the bugs! Suddenly it was complete! Thanks Carolyn!!!


Anonymous said...

I totally understand what you mean about the bromeliads. I also prefer the ones with the shorter leaves because they don't get too long, bend or break.

marianne said...

So you had your first week of work...... No wonder you were tired.
So nice to go out for dinner and see your grandkids. The art you did is lovely!
Have a fun weekend and rest well.

jeannette said...

Came from another blog - wow - your header! You can only take these kind of pics (also your side bar) when live in a desert place! Beautiful!
Also love the Jabez prayer since the book came out -such a simple prayer, such a big impact!!

Lynn said...

Of course the towels gift resonated with me since I have been buying them new myself just now. I bet your friend LOVED all you gave her in the colorful basket!

Good to have time with grandkids and kids. ;-)

yoon see said...

Cute doodles, this reflected your inner creative child Julie.

It's great to catch up with friend too. You really had a great and fun time yeah!