Saturday, December 25, 2010

Acrylic and chalk pastel pinecone

I printed out a picture of a pinecone (cause I didn't have any handy)...and sat down with grandson, while he painted a picture, to attempt to paint one with acrylics. I had to stop after the first layer of paint was down, to settle a squabble with the kids...and it sat around a few days, then I went back to it with chalk pastels and added some details.

I think it looks sort of impressionistic. Am I right?? I love that style of painting.

I tell you, if I get in a mood to do something supposedly artistic, not much can stop's weird....kinda like the postman will deliver the mail through wind, hail and snow...or kinda like when they tell you you will "get an urge to push" when you are in labor ('s more like YOU WILL PUSH CAUSE YOU HAVE NO CHOICE)!!! OK...anyway...that is what comes over me...and then when I look at what I did, it usually looks fairly good to my untrained I might post it and torture all of you who know good art. Sorry. Love ya anyway!


yoon see said...

Hello sister Julie,

Thank you for dropping by.
You really made me thrilled!!!

Thanks for informing me about your part as Santa!
Knowing the resposible of santa is to bring joy to the world and also to the kids.....with presents!

I agree with you once we started doing art or creating art, nothing can stop us....unless for some unique issues!

Glad that you are still active blogging sharing your joy around you!

Take care and bye Julie!

Evelyn said...

Hi Julie
I love your description "when you are in labor..." - funny! Looks great - the addition of the details (grass and red berries?) is nice. Details are always nice.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I think your sketch is wonderful Julie. I always love it when my muse guides me through an art project. It feels so good and looks good too.

Teri C said...

And the thing is Julie, when you sit down to create, it turns out BEAUTIFUL! I love your pine cone with all it's wonderful style.

Mandy said...

Determined is a good thing! I think this is great! You've got a lot more patience and oodles more talent that I could ever drum up!

Cindy said...

I really like the way this came out :)

You never know what kind of art you'll be "pushing out" next!

marianne said...

Just plain LOVELY!!!!!
fabulous Julie!
Hope you had a wonderful X mas!

messyfish said...

Hope you had a lvely Christmas and new year. So wonderful to see you using pastels again!