Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy cactus/succulent Monday!

Happy Monday! I am finally remembering to participate in Cactus Monday!!! Yeah! Over the rainy weekend I took a few pics of things in the screenroom. If you read to the bottom I will include a pic of the cute earrings I made from left over paper beads I had from my sisters bracelet.

Here are the buds on my white Christmas Cactus! The pink one has no sign of budding yet.

Is this (below)an Aeonium??? I can't remember!

Here is my amazing many-lived Kitten Ears plant (also a succulent plant)...some of the leaves are turning a pretty bronze color, and a close up shows the fuzziness of them. I have gotten more joy out of this can't imagine! It comes and goes, but when it is going, it is really pretty!!! It hates water!!!I only water it about 3-4 times a year.

Below is my gorgeous variegated at first sight when I found it a few years ago!!! This is my beauty queen!!!

And a trio of Haworthia(?)...aren't they cute? Only about 2 inches across, each! are the earrings I threw together for a craft fair visit! I wish I had had some gold crimps, but alas, no. I used the silver ones (as the base) and it was OK. I'm a mixed up kind of person anyway (mixed gold and silver)....well, nd just plain mixed up as well! Hahahaha.

Happy Cactus Monday everybody!


marianne said...

Happy (christmas) Cactus Monday!
The earrings are Christmassy as well:)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

HCM Julie. Your plants all look so healthy. I love your earrings. As the old christmas song goes... "Silver and gold"...

Evelyn said...

HCM Julie. Fabulous looking sux. Love the cats ears - sure look like cats ears :). Great colour...

Have a great Christmas!

studio lolo said...

I love those kitten ears!!!!!!!

And those Christmas earrings are pretty darn cute too!

Merry Merry to you and your loved ones (including Doozey!)

Thanks for your visits Julie. I hope to be better at getting around to everyone next year.


Teri C said...

Just fabulously beautiful plants Julie and I LOVE those earrings!!


Green thumb said...

Happy Cactus Monday, dear Julie! All your succulents are wonderful but the Kitten Ears looks very interesting. The fuzziness of the leaves gives it a very old look; like an experienced grand old Man in your plant collection.

Serena said...

At first I thought the Kitten's Ears were covered with spider webbing...what an interesting plant!

No mind, I have mixed silver and gold often...and your earrings look lovely!