Friday, December 17, 2010

I am sitting here typing, and staring at this!!!!!

I am beginning to think that maybe we are going against all of nature when we try to organize craft spaces! It just never LASTS for me.....I am beginning to feel OK with it...possibly even deriving some pleasure out of looking at it??? The problem is that I have more in my overflowing secretary, entertainment center, and hall closet. Seriously, when I opened the pull down secretary front, stuff started to tumble out! Now, that is a sad state of affairs!

I am working on finishing two more pair of Christmas tree earrings for a few folks. One is the economic developer for a town nearby who I met on the beading isle at Crafts N Stuff! She is so sweet. I must take her a pair...I am hoping to run into her at a craft fair on Sunday. I wish she could hire me to help her develop a whole artsy community in their town. It is coming about, but surely I could help her in some way!!! That would be fun, don't you think? She was telling me that we may get a Christmas shoppe back in town who was forced to leave a few years ago, that everyone dearly loved. If he comes back I will be thrilled!!! Oh, well...ever onward with my fantasies!!! LOL.

Here is a few pics of the tent we set up in one corner of the screen room for the kids to play in (for a little playhouse) that we can read books in and play games. (Don't notice all the darn plastic, Messyfish, OK)...I am going to go check at our camping store for a lightweight small clip on light that can attach to the inside top of the tent for better lighting in there. An LED, for long lasting low battery usage. Right now we have a lantern in there...but who wants to buy batteries...NOT ME!!! Of course, there is some light just from the screenroom itself, but we are looking for a camping-like experience...sorta being outside, without actually being all the way outside. My grandson is afraid of bugs right now...something we must gradually work on so he can be my camping buddy one day soon!!!

Today he and I were at Home Depot, and he is learning to read, so I encourage him read signs wherever we are...and he was reading the labels for the different types of tomato plants. One was called Mr. Stripey, and it had a pic that showed a yellow/orange colored tomato with red stripes! I immediately said "Let's get one"! I got it planted today and it looks happy so far...will be fun to see what developes!!!

(Image and tomato info from Cooking Light).

'A pale yellow tomato with pinkish-orange blush, and occasionally, green stripes, Mr. Stripey is a delicate beefsteak with low acid content that allows its sweetness to shine. The flavor boasts notes of melon, and the firm skin provides a nice contrast to the tender flesh when eaten raw.' Doesn't that sound interesting?

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!!! xoxo- Julie


messyfish said...

Darn that's alot of plastic!

messyfish said...

Seriously though... I bet they ate having fun in there. Little messyfish loves his own little hiding spot in his room. You are motivating me to turn it into a secret "cave"

Laure Ferlita said...

I totally relate to your dilemma, Julie! I spent most of yesterday trying to find my studio again. The piles were getting way out of control. It's better today, but there's still messy stuff that needs to be dealt with.

Love the earrings and hope some of your dreams come true! Sounds like a lot of work AND a lot of fun!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What fun. A friend of mine borrowed from me a two-person tent to set up in their basement for her Grands to "camp out" in one weekend. They had a blast with it. Three little boys fit in it nicely.

Teri C said...

What fun things you are involved in.

Gee, your crafty space looks so familiar, I bet we can all relate to it.

Judi said...

Hi Julie
I have missed you because I have not been around. I love your Christmas green and red look...soooo Christmassy..

Those earrings are so darling Julie. How original. Your friends are going to love them. you are so creative and that will mean so much to them....good work Julie.

So many craft items eh? Crafters need their own little "house" to craft in...wouldn't that be neat to have a little cabin to do that in...someplace in the backyard...maybe.

That tomato plant is very interesting. I can't wait to hear how they taste. Good for your grandson to read with you like that...

Enjoy this weekend....I'll send some snow your way...I know you would appreciate it for Christmas...*grinning*

Lynn said...

You planted the whole tomatoe in the grown or in a pot? How interesting. Will you get tons of sprouts from all it's seeds?Never done this.
Love the tent set up.
Grandparenting is the best thing ever!!!!

Serena said...

No matter how much I tidy up my art/craft area, it always ends up messy again but what fun we have creating, right?

What a great Grandma you are....the kids will love that camping set-up!

Love your paper beads!

An interesting tomato plant...I don't know if we get them here. We had hail recently and it ruined my Mum's tomato plants. :(

Snippety Gibbet said...

If you figure out how to redo your work space, let me know. I spent no less than an hour today looking and thinking about mine. I looked online for good ideas, but didn't really find anything. My space is a mishmash of messy attempts to organize. I think that money will need to be spent....which is something that doesn't easily pass out of my purse. jan

Julie said...

Lynn- no, I bought a tomato plant and planted it in the ground! This picture is just one I found of what the Mr. Stripey will look like!!! :)

Evelyn said...

Hi Julie
What fun having a tent set up. I sleep very well when camping, maybe I should have my tent set-up too!
The tomato looks like a little pumpkin :).
Have a nice week, Ev