Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My new rainbow love!!!

Rainbow swiss chard that is!!! Here are a few shots of some that my SIL sent over from her organic locally grown vegie box! She has got to start eating her vegies!!! LOL!

I had always heard that swiss chard was bitter. Well, nothing was further from the truth! I have since read that it does get bitter in the winter months, but all other times, it is tender, with a wonderful mild taste.
See how pretty the rainbow chard is? Red veins in the purple leaves, and yellow veins in some of the green leaves.

The stems are so pretty too! I am so goo-goo eyed over them; you can tell I am a SC virgin!!! Hehehe.

To cook them, my DIL sauteed in olive oil, used cumin, Worcestershire sauce, nutmeg, and a little chicken broth. That was a wonderful dish!!!Here is another recipe that showed up in my e-mail box tonight and looks fantastic! Organic's Stir fried Swiss Chard. I have not tried it yet...but sounds like it will be really vvbggood...I plan to as soon as possible!
I have been out looking at seeds for chard online, too...looks like you can keep your plants going for a whole year! May just want to avoid eating in the winter months due to bitter taste...;but I would have to try it to be sure that is really true!!! Do any of you have any experinces with Swiss Chard??? Do you like the taste. OH, cooks very fast. 10 minutes. Period. Awesome. I like fast.


2 Tramps said...

Yes, swiss chard is delicious and a power pack of nutrition.

I was growing a late crop here in a pot and intended to put it in a coldframe before the deep freezing weather hit. But I just didn't get it done - so I will be planning to grow it early in the spring, starting out in the coldframe.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I have never eaten any of this before. You make me want to try it. It looks beautiful.

yoon see said...

Thank you for your sharing here Julie.
Indeed, these look good and I hope to get to eat this at least once!

Take care and bye bye!

Lynn said...

I LOVE Swiss Chard!!! I went to China in 1982 and ate it almost daily there. No special recipes here, I just steam it and eat it.

Happy Chanukah!!!!!

Evelyn said...

Yes, looks really pretty. Very healthy dish!

I've never tried Swiss Chard, not sure if we get them here.

Teri C said...

You have me convinced to go out and try some now. It looks wonderful!

Serena said...

It's probably very nutritious too. I've never tried Chard before but it looks a little like Silverbeet which I think is yummy!

NotSoAngryRedHead said...

I love greens of all sorts! Chard, kale, mustard greens, turnip greens... Especially with lots of vinegar, but I'm a vinegar fiend! I also don't mind bitter, but perhaps the acid addiction helps.

I saw swiss chard being sold at Home Depot as an ornamental, and I think it is one of the best vegetables to blend into the garden and not just in the veggie bed. It's quite spectacular on its own.

donna said...

Pretty as a picture. Oh, it is a picture. Seriously though, photos of Swiss Chard always make me want to gobble it up.