Thursday, May 22, 2014

A little old bouquet, and my Doozey!

Good morning!  
I let Doozey out in the back yard with me to water the tire garden, and I see she is covered in those sticky seed pods from grass! Oh goodie!
The miniature roses are just covered in blooms right now, and looking out the kitchen window makes me so happy! 
I cut some of the older blooms, to put in the kitchen window (but included a sweet little yellow bud). I can never bare to cut them when they are so gorgeous out there collectively.
The stems are so short I had to put them in a wider, but short vessel, so this little measuring cup works out well.
The weather is getting very warm here in south Florida, and all I can think of are waterparks/pools/beach/ and being inside in the a/c working on sewing projects.  I have been having a little hankering to start an embroidery soon. 
I can feel what most northerners call "winter weight" about to come on, as we gravitate indoors more during the hot time of year.  I can't stand it, and usually just put everything out there on auto-pilot for June thru Sept.  Early morning waterings is all I'm good for! I know I am just a big baby!!!!!
I am all into Fresh Pet now for Doozey. Yes, I did get tired of cooking all fresh food for her, but this food she actually likes!!!!! Available easily at Target too!!!! Here are her latest acquisitions (toy and chicken treats). 
Of course she needed a reward after all that treachery at Petsmart for a nail cut. 
She actually likes (or seems to) it there!!!!!
Well, let me go find something fun to do now. Does anyone have any good dinner ideas? Lol. 


Julie said...

Dinner turned out to be eggplant casserole and a lovely salad!

Penny said...

lovely roses.

shirley said...

My friend Di came for lunch and i made smoked cod in a cheese white sauce.with mashed potato and pumpkin and was delicious.

shirley said...

I love your roses they are beautiful. Your puppy is cute and spoilt deservedly.

Julie said...

Pumpkin and silverbeat! Sounds very interesting!!!!!

Bobbie Lynn said...

Good morning and happy Friday. Your Ms. Doozey is too cute. What a lucky girl she is. Love her new treats and toy. Thanks for letting me know about the treats. Need to see what my Target has. I see no for or wheat, good.
Your mini bouquet is lovely. I have seen in garden magazines some really neat containers ideas for those small stem flowers and you did one of them. Be creative.
I wish you well this season of hot weather. At least this time of year there are more healthier snacks then winter. Enjoy looking for some new projects and have a wonderful Memorial weekend.
Bobbie Lynn

Julie said...

Bobbie Lynn- yes this is true about healthier snacks in summer than winter!Thank God! :)

Diane AZ said...

Pretty little roses and Doozey! I know what you mean about the hot months of the year, that's when I "hibernate" and stay indoors most of the time.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your roses are gorgeous. Yellow is my favorite. I know what you mean about the heat. I hate it when the humidity is as high as the temp. It makes one feel so awful. Can't wait to see your new projects. Give Doozey a pat for me.

Carolyn Wainscott said...

Hi, Julie, just read your kind comments on "My White Quilt" and thank you. I'm not keeping up with things as I should because of so many changes. Love your little dog. I have a chihuahua that is sorely in need of her nails trimmed but she tries to eat anyone up who touches her. It takes the vet and 2 or 3 other people to hold her to get it done. Trying to get somewhat caught up today but I have the attention span of a 2 year old and keep jumping around from one thing to another. God bless you and thanks again-have subscribed toyour newsletter so I can keep up-Carolyn Wainscott

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

Your roses are amazing, what a lovely bouquet! Your pup is super cute too and what a good Mom you are for her special treats :)