Thursday, May 8, 2014

A new Hello Kitty bag for daughter!

Today was an exceptional day! I had no laundry to do, no appointments, did not get the grands after school. What was I to do???
Sew at tote bag for my daughter! She wants it for college which starts in a few days! I found the pattern at Walmart, but did not use anything in the pack but the one piece that when turned makes a bag (handles and all)!!!!!   I saw a gal at her blog called "A Very Purple Person" use the one piece pattern (her own) and how to work the magic to make a tote!  So I used her instructions ! 
Here it is in a very "Lolita" fashion!
With a quilted pocket inside. Large enough to hold her cell and 3DS. 
A few more shots in poor lighting, but shows lace on front.
I used stabilizer in the outer fabric to give it more strength, and body.

As soon as my DIL saw it, she exclaimed "I want one"!!!!! LOL. I hope I get faster at it, ....... I'm sure I will. ;)


Bobbie Lynn said...

That is a very nice bag design. The fabric is adorable and I like the touch of lace.
Have a wonderful Day.
Bobbie Lynn

Mollie Johanson said...