Friday, May 30, 2014

My tire garden views on Fri., May 30

Lavender roses and periwinkles:
All leafed out Kalanchoes (see all the babies along leaf edges). I just snipped two of the large leaves off and scattered all the baby leaflettes around in a sandy area in the yard I hope to fill in with this!

A few close ups of the E. Lactea:

A tire full of Elephants Foot (miniature Jade, Portulacaria afra):
Some long lasting snapdragons, that seem to be on their last legs, but are hanging in there still producing flowers!

A coral rose (grocery store mini):
The mandevilla is so beautiful as it unfurls:
Sweet little mums! 
I realize as I look out the kitchen window that I only have minimal red color in this garden. I plan on replacing the snapdragons with red miniature roses, maybe 2 in a tire along with a pure white periwinkle for contrast to really show them off!!!!!

As luck would have it, I just finished watering, and now it has mysteriously begun to rain (heavily)! The sky has turned dark. Should make a quick trip to the Walmart garden center fun! Hey, I just found out they are selling BLUE VINCA (periwinkles, that are so water thrifty and abundant in blooms year round) in some of their stores! This will make for an easy red/white/and blue display for summer!!!! I plan on planting them around my blue plumbago out front. Yes!!!!!!!


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Your succulents are great and I like your flowers as well.

I heard thunder to the east earlier this morning, but we got nothing out of it. You must have gotten it though.

We did have some rain in the wee hours of yesterday morning though.

Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

Bobbie Lynn said...

Your tire looks so beautiful. Love the colors and all the textures. Have a wonderful weekend.
Bobbie Lynn

Candice Suter.....Sweetstuff said...

Everything looks so beautiful! And I just love that Euphorbia. Vinta are very pretty. I just love these photos. Kisses!

Simone Felic said...

Acontece comigo também de vez em quando , acabo de molhar e começa a chover , o tempo está muito estável,
A suculenta cheia de cristas , eu amei, gostei dela.
beijinhos bom fim de semana.

My Cottage Diary said...

Hi Julie! You sure have a lot of beautiful flowers! I love your blog title. Wonderful! Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog. I left a rather lengthy general response to the comments on my most recent post should you care to read it. Also, good luck with your future. I hope just the perfect thing for you opens up. It was hard to go back to work after some time off, but I am enjoying my new job. Perhaps something part-time would work for you to ease back into things? It depends on your situation, of course. I hope you'll have peace about it, whatever you do. Blessings, and I hope you'll visit again, Bess said...

Yay for blue vinca! ;) Hope you find some! They seem to be as hardy as the pink ones so far.

Pokeberry Mary said...

Just popped in, I have been awayfrom blogger for a while again. Love the pix. I'm into roses too now. They grow great here. Also have a pink mandevilla--which was last years. I hope it will bloom again. I kept it in the house over the winter. :)