Monday, May 12, 2014

Handmade butterfly cards!

My friend, Bobbie Lynn, over at Why I Love To Garden sent me a tutorial on how to make these really neat paper butterflies to decorate anything with!  It immediately set me into action this evening!
I made two cards.  One for my step-son's birthday, and one for my cousin who I still exchange snail mail with!  Here they are!  Basic, but cute, I think!  I really appreciate the butterfly link, Bobbie Lynn!!!

The link to learn how to make the paper butterflies is HERE

It's hard to make a card for a man, I think.  Keeping the butterfly dark kept the feel more masculine.
I attached them to the card by using a half inch 3-D glue dot.  It feels pretty secure.

The beautiful cardstock I used came from:
The floral card:  Citrus stack by DCWV.
The black and yellow card: Mariposa stack by DCWV
both found at JoAnn Fabrics on sale.  The basic box of plain colored cards was also found there on sale!
Oh, and I found a ball of green twine I have had since in my 20's (it's 30 years old), and I used it to tie up the butterfly and make the antennae.  Pretty cool.  I believe I will be making more of these cute butterflies!


Weekend-Windup said...

WOW! Very beautiful paper butterflies!

Bobbie Lynn said...

I love your cards and you did the butterflies too. : )
Now I need it a try.
Thanks for sharing your cards. Yes, the Guys are always difficult for me also when I need to make cards for them. I have one paper pad that I'm using and it's Recollection paper pad called "Regent Street". It has a tailor them.
Have fun making more cards and butterflies.
Bobbie Lynn said...

Beautiful card! The 3D butterflies are a great touch!

Julie said...

Weekend windup- Thankyou!!!!!

Bobbie Lynn-I will look for the Regent Street because my husbands grown up grandson is graduating from high school! i hope to make him a beautiful card!

Coffee to compost- Thankyou! They are really fun to make!

Diane AZ said...

Really nice 3D butterfly cards, I love the color schemes!

shirley said...

Your butterfly cards are so lovely. You are very creative julie. I am sure the recipients were stoked

Lisa at Greenbow said...

These are fabulous Julie. You are such a good artist.

Julie said...

Lisa-You are such a nut! But I love ya for saying that anyway!!!!! ;)

Serena Lewis said...

Love, LOVE, LOVE your butterfly cards!! Thanks for the link to the tutorial. :)

My Cottage Diary said...

Like the first comment: Wow! You make lovely cards, Julie! Bess