Friday, May 9, 2014

I deleted Facebook!

I tried it, and now....I'm no longer there!  I found it to be (for me), a big time waster!  I realize now that the blog is a place I can post what I've gardened, made, done, etc., with like-minded folks popping by to say hello. Not so much with Facebook.  Maybe it was just too interactive for me.  Too much in my News Feed....whatever.  I don't feel I needed to see (or share) most of what is on there.  So, don't look there for will find me right here....communication mainly with myself and those who choose to come here. Hey, that's how the ball bounces!

Well, I will show you a picture of the lizard (a big fat feller) that I saw who was about to get sexy with a female, before I interrupted (sadly) by opening the window to take a pic!  She slipped over to the other side of him.
He's right on the front lip of the tire!  Sorry...a really bad photo from the kitchen window!  The lizards seem to be romantic this spring season!  LOL.  The snapdragons look bad as I did not water them yesterday.  I bet by now they are looking royal!  

See ya around!
xoxo- Julie


Bobbie Lynn said...

Hi Julie,
I never had a "Facebook" page but from what I heard from my Daughter I knew that it was not for me. Just a different mind set for me.

I enjoy looking at the lizards in my garden. There is one that climbs one of my patio roses. right now in the garden I'm looking at the sparrows taking the some of the shredded bark that we just laid out. They are very picky on what piece of shredded bark to take.
Hope your having a good evening.

shirley said...

Hi julie i can agree with your attitude towards facebook....not my scene either. Just like to look and catch up on N and A and the pups.

Julie said...

Bobbie Lynn- that is so sweet regarding how picky the birds are! Must be fun to watch!

Shirley- What is the N and A????? (I'm dumb)!

Pokeberry Mary said...

Hi you prob. have a good point about facebook. Missed seeing you though. I'm not saying much there lately.