Saturday, May 10, 2014

My garden this morning!

I've been waiting for these buds to open for a week! The first one finally did, this morning!  Is it a mandevilla? I can't remember! 
The Bougainville! 
A close up!  Love the little white flowers inside!!!
Some snapdragon magic:


Zinnias (I have 32 new zinnia plants coming up all around in the tires! Can't wait to see them they will be multi-colored Lilliput ones.
And last, but not least, a shot of my beautiful euphorbia lactea. It looks prettier with the color from the Bougainville showing over top in background!!!  I need to get out here and replant this in the middle of the shifts, I believe, due to the lizards living in here.  Ignore that other nasty euphorbia growing out at the side!!!  LOL.  I can't keep them out...they are reproducing faster than rabbits!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Xoxo-Julie


Simone Felic said...

Boa tarde
a primeira flor eu não conhecia , e a ultima acho lindo , é um cacto ou suculenta? adorei ainda não achei aqui para comprar.
bom dia das mães.

My Little Family: said...

I have that same mandavilla (spell?) on my mailbox.