Saturday, May 31, 2014

A little sewing project....a summer bag for a cute little girl!

I am definitely getting faster at making things. Getting my mojo on. Remembering what needs to be done first, before the next step can happen.

I had bought this cute kitty cat fabric (which is perfect for a 1.5 year granddaughter) a while ago with intention to make a different bag that I had a pattern for.  That bag turned out to large for such a short little person! Lol.

So I fashioned this one myself. I did make a few mistakes, but somehow I doubt they will matter to her!!!! Hehe.

Here it is:
Close up of kitty cat fabric:

Mistakes I made:

1. Did not box the corners correctly. Too late to do differently once I made that error!

2. The straps I tried to sew in at angles where they would nearly touch, she she could pick the bag up easily in her little hands.  One of them slipped our of position as I was sewing them in. Too late to fix once I had sewn the handles and lining into place all around the top.  Her Mom told me she likes to slip the handles over her forearm to carry, so again, no biggie. (Phew)!!!

3. I cut the long sash part too short, which was intended to be tied into a bow, so I ended up just tying it around one handle.

I got the idea afterwards that what this bag really needed was her first and last name embroidered in a lovely script on each side of the tie hanging down, but....once again I ran out of time, so that did not happen either!

She was a cutie with her new summer bag!

Hoping to keep learning and hopefully make fewer and fewer mistakes! They sure are frustrating!!!!!

Hope everyone had a nice Saturday!


Willow said...

I love the little kitty print !

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am sure she loves this mistakes and all. We learn by those mistakes. Have fun.

shirley said...

I am very sure that your grandaughter will love her pretty little kitty bag. It is always fun making things for our grandchildren.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Hi Julie,
A great bag and love, love that fabric. Perfect for Emily.
I know how you feel when it comes to sewing. But, I think we just need to do more smaller project then work up to the larger ones. I may take a sewing class soon. Maybe after the summer.
Have a great day.
Bobbie Lynn

Anonymous said...

That is just the perfect size to carry her treasures in during the day. That was very thoughtful of you.