Saturday, June 21, 2008

Doozeys surprise!

Doozey got some new toys tonight after a terrible thunderstorm rolled through. I bought her a couple of dog toys made by TY, and they crinkle. She has had many of the yellow ducks over the years, but this is her first red, white and blue bone! She is pretty happy playing fetch tonight!


Teri C said...

That Doozey is so DARN cute.

Claude said...

Doozey looks like a very happy member of your family... and is lucky to have found a great place to live... and thanks for the help with my new rescued plant... it didn't occur to me to just do a plant search... DUH

Stapeliad said...

AWWW she's so adorable!

I'm not making waffles (but I do have some in the freezer!), I'm glued to my computer beta testing some software. Am behind on blogging.


Ginny said...

oh doozey you're so rotten lol...I see Donovan and Emily will need to come back soon so Grandma Julie can spoil them lol Doozey is getting all the fun heh

Serena said...

Too cute! My Cody loves his toys too and he gets so excited when I bring a new toy home for him.