Sunday, June 8, 2008

A few succulent arrangements...

This afternoon I moved a few of my plants around...they had either outgrown their pots, or I had wanted to make an arrangement.

This is my zigzag cactus, or ric rack that I repotted. It is still looking good, and I love the way it grown and its shape...pretty neat!

Now, this is what I had been wanting to do...put these three star shaped plants together. They are all different colors and I think they look great together! The back left is my Dykia marinae lapostele, the back right is Haworthia limafolia, and the front is the Cryptanthus!

Now, I removed my Aptenia cordifolia (Baby Sun Rose)from it's doggy container, and put it all fresh in here so it could have more room to spread! It had some leggy peices, which I cut off and stuck back in...hopefully it will take off growing!

Here is my little curly-que plant which has yet to be indentified. The senecio varieties have not panned out so far, and I am still on the hunt...thanks to all who have taken shots at it so far...hey...feel free to keep looking...I am!!!

This plant is a Sedum furfuraceum...ain't it cute??? Hard to see with the Purlite laced soil. He was getting a little too much sun in the tires (note the fried far right end of it) have moved him to a pot on the porch.

And now doggy planter stands alone...waiting to see what his mommy puts in him next!


Stapeliad said...

Awww Julie that puppy is so cute!!!

You are so creative with your arrangements.

I hope you are well! Hugs!

Pudgeduck said...

I sure do like the looks of the cystanthus! The three look great together! I have a empty hen planter- I'll wait to see what you put in yours-I can't seem to find the right plant.

Julie said...

Pudgeduck- I like to use a small leafed plant that will spread and fill in, and overflow! The Baby Sun Rose kinda did that, but it just got too big for the pot!

studio lolo said...

No wonder you liked my painting :)
You're living the "succulent life!"
Thanks for the comment. Keep up your beautiful gardening!

Teri C said...

all those plants are so beauiful but I love those three star-shaped ones! Rearranging is a good thing.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Thanks for dropping by! You weren't kidding about liking succulents! I like the star shaped ones and the top two images on the right sidebar. Are those pussy toes? Cute!

Julie said...

Hatchet...No, the top two pics on my sidebar are Sedum rubrotinctum,and then Flippin Flapjacks (kalenchoe thyrsiflora)...the name Pussy Toes is so cute...I will look that up tonight and check it out!!! Thanks for coming by!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Julie, your collection never ceases to amaze me. I love the red of that Cryptanthus!