Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A vegetarian day!

I am proud to say that I stayed almost vegetarian the whole day! I did eat a little seafood at lunch (succulent grilled octopus, which by the way, was tender, blackened, and delicious), with mixed vegetables and a peice of homemade bread with honey butter on top, which was superb!
At dinner, one slice of cheese pizza with double mushrooms and fresh tomatoes, and then one slice of a dessert apple pizza. I know that part was adding calories, but I could not resist.
I want to stay with mostly vegetables, fruits, a little seafood here and there, eggs and cheese. I work with a woman who is very thin, and she follows this plan. And as our fellow blogger and Doctor, Green Thumb from India Garden states, it seems a healthy way to eat, which I am in need of now that I am in the over 50 group! I have lived a life of eating freely, and of everything I ever wanted, but I think the time has come to start to watch it a little. I want to see my grandkids graduate from high school and college now too!


Pudgeduck said...

tried the vegatarian way years ago- then I read the blood type book and found out I needed red meat!! Only buy organic though. Still overweight! Good luck!!

Teri C said...

I'm not a vegetarian but I try not to eat a lot of meat because of the cholesterol. My granddaughter that just graduated has been one for 10 or more years and she is very healthy.

Fern said...

I've been a pescatarian (i.e. a vegetarian who eats fish) for over 5 years now and I feel great! It's a very healthy way of life so long as you eat a wide variety of foods.

Good luck!

Claude said...

I tried to be a vegetarian... I lasted about 2 weeks before I saw a kid with a McDonalds hamburger and had to fight back the urge to steal it... but, especially in the summer, I eat less meat than most people I know.

Green thumb said...

Hi Julie! It thrills me beyond words to know that you are trying going vegetarian, and that my post has a role in it.
Vegetarianism is a healthy way of living and ofcourse - occasional indulgences do not count!
I think nowadays Sea Food is not considered strictly Non-vegetarian and if cooked properly it is very healthy too.
P.S- Thanks for providing my link, I feel absolutely honored.

Stapeliad said...

Hi again Julie!!
I've been off all meat except seafood for the past 14 years- and especially cumulatively it DOES make a huge differnece.

Green tea, too. Don't forget to drink lots of green tea!

Serena said...

Good for you, Julie!!! I was a pescatarian for three years but have now been vegan for nearly five months. I'm sure you will notice a lot of health benefits on a vegeatarian diet....I sure did. Oh, and Jessica is right....lots of green tea! It's full of antioxidants so very good for you.