Sunday, February 3, 2008

Kitten Ears coming back to life!

Here is a picture of my Kitten Ears before they started dying outside in my succulent tires...I thought they needed more water (because we have been in a drought all summer, fall and winter), except for an occasional rain. (This is my blog title photo above). So I watered them, and they continued to die. Finally I went out there and pulled them all out and threw them on the ground...not bothering to pick them up. I saved one little peice that had about 4 leaves on it (it was rooted). I placed it in this planter below and put it in my kitchen window to give it TLC! Each day one more leaf shriveled up, until I pulled it out and threw it out as well. I was sad, dejected, and grieving...I couldn't bear to move the pot, or do anything with it. Well, after a few weeks, a little white furry thing started poking its head up through the soil (below)!

Well, it was so white and furry, I didn't recognize it until it had gotten about 1/2 inch high!!! Then I could see the teeney little leaves forming in a swirling pattern! How surprised and happy I am! I must have left a little root down under the soil!!! Every day it grows a little more and looks perfectly healthy! I am scared to water it. Scared to breath on it. Scared to look at it sideways!!! LOL. I decided to just WATCH it. Period.

Well, last week I walked out to my succulent tires to check on things close-up.....and guess what I saw??? All of the roots I had thrown on the ground were now making new plants just like the one in the kitchen!!! WOW! They love having dry, dry, dryness. Anyway...I am watching everyday and will keep you posted. I have to get these dry roots in a pot soon...I think!

Here is the info on Kitten Ears, or Cobweb Spider Wort:
Tradescantia sillamontana
10-12” x 18” wide, (cutting/division propagated). Cobweb spiderwort is a fascinatingly beautiful plant. With its gray-green leaves and thick stems covered with white cobwebs and deep pink three petal flowers, it can be a showpiece in both ground beds and container gardens. Hailing from the mountains of northern Mexico, the plant is highly adaptable thriving in both sunny and shady light conditions and a variety of soil types. Zones 7-10. That is a good thing...I am in Zone 10!!!


Kelly said...

Oh my gosh! You know I saw something like this today at Lowes. It looked and felt like it had felt (no pun intended) leaves. I wanted it, but I have to stop somewhere. I got some new plants, but I have no time to get the pics up...maybe this weekend?

Stapeliad said...

I know I've said this before...but I really, truly love your photography.

Sara said...

I found your blog today through LJ. I wanted to say thank you. I have been looking for the name of this plant for over a month now and no one could help me more than it looked like a relative to the wandering jew. Mine is growing out like crazy but the leaves are still tiny. But it is winter in chicago when the weather gets better so will my plants. Again, THANKS!!