Sunday, February 10, 2008

Modern Phoenix!

For those of you in or near Scottsdale...the whole two days sounds wonderful! Wish I could be there...For this class on Saturday, in particular!

12 - 12:50 pm
$15 (includes materials fee)

Charlie Ray, Designer, The Green Room

"Cacti and Succulents as Living Sculpture"
In addition to leading the indoors out, a principle tenet of Modernism is bringing the outdoors in. Learn how to create living modern sculpture out of low-maintenance cacti and succulents in this hands-on workshop. Plant selection, dramatic staging, top dressing, potting, aesthetics, and maintenance will be discussed.

You can read about the whole 2 days here


No Rain said...

I've been on this tour before. They feature a lot of mid-century modern, not my favorite style, (probably because I lived through that era!) but quite interesting. They have cacti plantings like straight rows of barrels lining driveways, very stark and simple. Also, lots of Pedilanthus microcarpus planted very close together to form a simple barrier. You would like it.

Julie said...

Hmmm...I haven't seen any of this Pedilanthus microcarpus could be here, but I don't recognize it...I will check at the botanical garden. It reminds me of my evil pencil plant!!! Reminds me to go out and trash it right now! Yes...this tour in Sctottsdale sounds great...I know I would love it, for sure!