Friday, February 29, 2008

A wonderful thing...

Now...I believe this is something anyone who loves plants with beautiful leaves would want to check out. At this website, you can sign up for a newsletter, and get all kinds of information about your favorite houseplants. In my previous post about Fittonia (a plant that does so well in LOW light), I actually had thought I would include this address, but I forgot, or ran out of time, or something. Anyway, if you click on the address, then click on VIEW ALL VARIETIES, and then put FITTONIA in the search bar,... it should take you to a list of Fittonia varieties, and if you click on each one, you can see a picture. Just to let you know, the one I am searching for is called Red Anne. They had one about 3 weeks ago at one of my Home Depots here, and I failed to buy it (I've been sorry ever since, as they are hard to find, because as soon as the truck delivers them, they are snatched up faster than funnel cakes at the fair)! Anyway...I hope everyone will enjoy checking this out, if you never have before. Click Angel Plants
By the way, they are based in Apopka (near Orlando), and about 2.5 hours away from me...they offer tours of the nurseries...sounds like a possible plan for tomorrow!!!


Stapeliad said...

Julie, you can always try ebay for your plant.

You can put Vector Cat in your side bar, but let me clean him up a bit first. Do you want him to say anything?

Also let me know the dimensions and I'll size him for you.


Julie said... cool is that??? Thanks!!! I guess he could be a little smaller...maybe like 2 inches high...he can say MEOW!!!