Friday, February 29, 2008

Hooray for beautiful leaves!!!

Look at the new plants I bought today! I put three together in one pot, and they all have fabulosa leaves!!! I highly recommend the is great in a low light setting, which is where this group will be. Here are some close up's of the individual leaves, and the names of the plants:

Fittonia "Red Vein", Fittonia argroneura

Dracaena "Florida Beauty", Dracaena godseffiana

Begonia "Angel Wing", Begonia coccinea


Serena said...

Red Vein is my pretty! :)

No Rain said...

These look good together.
PS, Are you coming to AZ?

Julie said...

Aiyana- Well, no decision has been made as of yet...I really would LOVE to, but it comes down to my work, and also to my husbands frame of mind. He will discourage me from spending the there is probably less of a chance than more...but I am a hard fighter, and will keep trying...

Donna said...

I love the "Red Vein". You picked out a beautiful selection of plants. I so have to go plant shopping tonight. Your arrangement is so pretty!