Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Succulent views

I stopped on my way to work this morning to snap a picture of this "Arizona-ish" garden! Rocks, and arid succulents abound! I just love the look of it...and it is surrounded by blue Plumbago! It looks great year round!

My Pagoda is turning pink around the edges in full sun! I think it is very beautiful. Magestic is more like it, actually!

My grafted cactus is so neat...I wish the top would fan out a little more for a real showy effect! The color is nice in this one.

My Euphorb is about 2.5 feet high now! He just gets what little, if any rain water outside in full sun. He is very cool looking...I should give him a name...please submit to me if you can think of a cool name for him...he is definately a boy!!! LOL.

My pencil plant is really growing! I'm not sure at what size I should repot him (I think he is a boy too)!!! He is just so airy...hard to know when...his branches are starting to hang down lower than the plant...I am wondering if I should move him to something with a tall ceramic vase-like thing. I saw a picture of one of these plants that was like 6 ft. tall, and very unusual was inside but in a huge open room for would almost need a museum for it at that size! I guess I could try and grow it that big outside as an experiment...but then I have to figure out some sort of tall, thin container for it to grow up, out and down the sides of. Suggestions welcome, for sure!

My String of Peas, or String of Pearls is so cute. I need to get it into a pretty pot one of these days. I keep thinking I should pot it with a few other succulents in one pot, for some drama with this plant cascading down! What do you think???
Happy Wednesday (tomorrow), everyone!


Ginny said...

Is that Lake Worth? It looks like it...that's a really cool front area. I like it...seems very feng shui to me...oh that's something cool you can look into..feng shui and plants...maybe even succulents

Serena said...

OH, I love your grafted cactus!! The garden with the Plumbago backdrop looks really nice too. about Rex? Heck, that's all I can come up with on the spur of the moment. lol

Julie said...

Ginny- West Palm Beach near Lake and Belvedere...

Serena- Rex sounds cute...I think this well be his name!!! Thanks...

Donna said...

Wow, I love your grafted cactus. What kind is it? I have a red Hibotan moon cactus, it's not as neat looking as yours. I've been trying to find myself a String of Peas plant. I love how all the trailing succulent plants look.

Julie said...

Donna- I believe it is a Euphorbia lactea ...possibly a variation of 'Muong Siam'...I would like to believe it anyway!

No Rain said...

AZ-ish--maybe. Plumbago struggles here, and the white gravel has practically been banned as so many retirees in Sun City had gravel of all colors--from white to blue to purple, until the HOA's banned it. Now, everybody sticks to the earthy stuff.
As far as the pencil plant--that thing will grow to 10 ft! We had one and kept repotting and then put it in the garden. It got so big we had to take it down as it was out of control. My husband got the sap in his eyes and had to spend several hours at emergency getting eye irrigation, then antibiotics for 10 days. It was extremely painful and he was almost blind for a couple of days. Had to have pain killers for 4 days. If you plant it outside, don't plan to prune or remove it yourself!

Julie said...

OMG Aiyana...I think I will put it in the trash right now! It is too scary...not really worth what you get! Thanks for the warning!!!