Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day #12- What I believe

What do I believe??? Well, about what??? There are loads of things. Mostly I guess I believe this is a dumb question...because whatever I believe in or about, there will be a billion others who believe the exact opposite. Politically, you can see that right now around the world, and it is demonstrated every election here in the U.S. I am starting to believe that it doesn't matter if I vote, for example...polititians are gonna do what they are going to do anyway. Does it matter who we vote for, if special interest groups are still out there and everything is pulled in every direction regardless??? Forgive me all women who fought for my right to vote.

One thing I do believe is that the Ten Commandments are good advice for anyone. That being said, I believe there is a lot of good teaching within all religions of the world.

I believe in Blue Diamond flavored almonds! They are mighty powerful (and delicious)in my view! My favorite flavors are Wasabi Soy, and Chili Lime. They are making chocolate cinnamon ones now too...which I simply must find again. They were sold out at my favorite Blue Diamond finding location (Walgreen's) tonight.

Now, I believe I am too tired to keep writing such trivial stuff as to what I believe (who cares???)...whatever that goodnight for today...sleep tight....goodnight!


Teri C said...

ROFLOL!! You are so funny Julie!

Cindy said...

This was a hard topic. I wanted to take it seriously without coming across as crazy and rambling, but you're right: there are just too many things to believe.

And thumbs up for the almonds. I almost said bacon!

Lynn said...

Well Julie, the good news is living in our US of A you are able to believe whatever your big heart desires! And that is a good thing.

I will continue to vote!

And cinnamon chocolate almonds sound devine! Walgreens here I come! ;-) Now that is something I can wrap my brain around.

Serena said...

i have lost faith in voting for politicians. :(

i have always loved the 'DESIDERATA' song...wonderful words to live by.

i don't think we get 'blue diamond' almonds here but will keep my eyes peeled for them. however, i admit to being very boring as i'm not one for flavoured nuts or potato chips.

Evelyn said...

Hey Julie

I believe in eating well :). Wasabi Soy and Chili Lime almond? Ooooh, yum. I'd say very very indulgent.... :). Almond itself is yummy enough.

ps. what a nice header pic.


Darla said...

Yep, this could be a tricky question to answer especially if you are tired.

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Definitely a hard subject. But love that you love those Blue Diamond nuts. Yummo!

deepazartz said...

That is a tricky Q...there are umpteen things one believes in... sure I do!!!

Mandy said...

That was tricky, agree with the 10 commandments...if people could just be nice it would be a good start!