Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day #16 and #17

Day #16- My dream house!

I think it would have to be brand new, using "green" technology, in a very upscale, yet old Florida/California feeling community, with large land lots, and an attached shopping area with restaurants and coffee shops, bookstore, and a place like Cracker Barrel, where I could walk to and order all the old favorites! My house would be very spacious with about 6 bedrooms (one for an art room, and two always set up for guest rooms). A big garage, and a dedicated laundry room. No pool, as I don't want to deal with all that that comes with (insurance, fear of drowning, cleaning, cabana boy, etc.)!!! Hehehe.


If I lived in California, it would have a Catholic Mission-like appearance, adobe, and with strolling gardens, and on a serene lake with swans, and all sorts of birdlife!
If in Florida, it would be on a lake in the central part of the state, with old oak trees filled with moss all around, and millions of azalea bushes everywhere! It would be surrounded by a state park that had well maintained grounds and trails, and a fantastic campground right nearby so that I could be out there on cool evenings and listen to the bugs and frogs and talk to visiters about where they are from, and swap stories! That might be a nice feature also, in California!


My community would have people of all ages and facilities to accomodate all. I would have the nicest neighbors in the whole wide world, and they would be comprised of all my blogging buddies from around the world. could be called the World Blogging Neighbors Association. We would all get together to do crafts, and art. There would be nothing but fun, love and support!
How's that for a dream???
Day #17 (cause I am catching up)- Something I am looking forward to!
I am really looking forward to the day my husband and I can travel more. I have had to go to Germany without him twice...and I feel he missed out on so much. I simply MUST get to the Metropolitan Museum of Art before too much longer...and Central Park.
So many places to see and experience. I am going to re-connect with Elderhostel, where you do wonderful lifelong learning adventures around the world!

Check it's amazing.
I think travel is the number one thing I look forward to the most! First, I've got to get some money, and some time! Minor details, right??? LOL


soulbrush said...

The sight of your blog has changed completely, and i like it lots. Why are you counting days? Do tell, as I missed the start of this adventure of yours. (and btw it is so lovely to see your face in your profile, you are so young!)

shirley said...

Dreams are what life is all about without our dreams where would we be.

I do hope you find your dream house, and get to travel to German with your husband.
Your darling little Emily is gorgeous and i think very energetic.

Now all my grandchildren are grown i miss the little ones around so we must make the most of them while they are small and innocent.

Bobbie Lynn said...

California has some amazing places to live. If I could I would love to live up in Northern California. I know what you mean about having a garden and Mission style home. Hubby and love visiting our beloved Missions. I fell in love with Carmel, the garden their is beautiful. that is were I fell in love with the Dahlia.
I hope soon that you and your Husband will get to travel.

Judi said...

Hi Julie *hugs*
I love your house dreams...lovely dreams and I have them too. Now...if you had a home with 6 bedrooms you could invite some of your blogging buddies over..*s*.. and I would do the same...

I hope you get the opportunity to travel more with your hubby...but you know there are lovely places to travel to close to home too. Getting away anyplace nice near or far is perfect!

Hope you've had a good your header. Sweet little one.


Julie said...

Souly-B...thanks for the "young" comment!!! LOLOL! I am doing a Meme all about me! Go back to the beginning where I have the same photo of me and Doozey, at day #1...but bigger. You can see my dorky face!!! LOL...:)

Teri C said...

Oh I'm so happy I can live in your neighborhood. These are wonderful dreams and I hope they all come true!

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Love sharing your dream house. However, I think I'd skip the laundry room and just send it out! I have a city park in my backyard but it is not large, it does have a walking path, however. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

deepazartz said...

Here's wishing you that all your Dreams come true...Really feeling happy to read your dreams... visualizing ur dream house! My dream house has some striking resemblance when it comes to eco-friendly:)