Friday, April 29, 2011

More paper making fun!

When I got home from work last night, some entertaining of the grands was needed,so we made some more paper! I immediately put some of my soaking recycled paper in the blender, ground it up, and we all went out back to the wheelbarrow! My grandson (age 6) made his first piece all by himself! He enjoyed it!!! Here is Emily with hers.

We used mostly a recycled McDonalds Happy Meal box, which had red, yellow and blue color on the box, and some white napkins from same place. I was surprised it turned as brown as it did!

Prior to drying it, it had little specs of red, yellow and blue in it...but once dry, you really can't see them anymore, which was disappointing...

Our objective was to make the paper from scratch, and then each kiddo choose a piece to make a picture for their Mom. What fun. Here is Donovan with his picture for his Mom.

By the time we finished, it had started raining outside, and their Mom walked through the door. Perfect timing.

My gosh, it is 4:40am here and Blogger Uploader is taking it's sweet time on the photos again! Good grief...things had gotten faster, now slow as molasses again!

After this paper making session, I was able to stay awake through American Idol (YEAH, James)...and then I tried to have a look at my newest Organic Gardening magazine, but my eyes slowly closed, and I was out. I woke at 4am, and decided I had to get up and have a cold here I am!

Oh, in this magazine, they have a large spread on Rugosa roses, which I had maybe only heard that term one time before...but it was interesting, because I had stopped in K-Mart tonight and had seen one that had been trained like a tree. It was stunning, with white roses all over it (I'm talking tons of roses), and they are old fashioned and very sweet looking!

Photo and more info at Fine
This is something I may look into for a tire, because they are self sufficient the article need for fertilizer, or any special soil...they like it all! I can't even begin to tell you how beautiful this rose bush was...hold on...let me see what the name of it was...OK, it is called 'Henry Hudson' Rosa Rugosa hybrid. Gorgeous!!!

My new blog header is a pic of the Mexican Sunflowers outside...they are really blooming right now!

Update on vegetable garden: The eggplants are giving me anywhere from 2-5 eggplants a day! We are cooking eggplants with everything...adding into almost every dinner we make! This giant one that I found last night, was hanging down inside the bucket and I had not seen it, so it had already lost it's sheen. You are supposed to pick them before they lose their shine, but it will still taste just fine!

The tomatos are coming to the end...the plants are looking shabby, and there are maybe 12 left to ripen, and that will be over until October. I still have kale production on about 4 we have that maybe twice a week, and the okra plants are ramping UP! They love the summer heat...and they are getting bushier now, and the past few days I have tons of you know what that means!!!


Evelyn said...

Wonderful. Looks like a lot of fun. I've never made paper. The flowers are gorgeous. Looks like you are getting loads of yummy vege from your garden.

Claude said...

I haven't done any gardening this year. don't know why... it just hasn't happened. Hmmmm. The paper making sounds fun!

donna said...

Sounds strange to read that your tomatoes are coming to an end when we're not even close to planting ours up here in zone 4...very cool spring weather this year.

Not sure what the paper making is about, but I bet I can find out if I get busy and read some of the posts I've missed. Gosh...those grandkidlets must love being at your house. Interesting fun going on there.

Good to hear that the okra plants are ramping up:)

I hope to get back to blogging on a more regular basis....reading and posting.

Have your sparaxis bloomed?

Happy weekend to you, Julie. donna

Bobbie Lynn said...

Hi Julie,
The Rugoa rose is really another sweet rose. Hope you will find a few rose bushes for your garden. There are so many and I find myself wanting more. I would like to have a climber or two for the rose area but I think i will wait on that. The rose in the bouquet that is striped is the Rose Gilardi. I have been taking photos of that all last week and will be posting that soon. Just love your new photo at the top of your blog. yellow is a great color for summer and fall. Need to start my sunflowers soon.

Neat paper and looks like they had fun making their own paper. Have a great day.

Serena said...

Great post, Julie! Donovan and Emily did a super job of their homemade papers!


Have a great weekend,
Serena xo

marianne said...

This paper making is amazing and such a nice activity for the kids . They will learn so much from this!
Amazing how everything grows over there!!!! Your own veggies, wow!

Have a nice weekend♥

yoon see said...

Hello Julie! Hello handmade paper!

I am looking at books and would love to venture making some handmade papers too! Look like you are so much more ahead of me. I'm really inspired by you Julie, having your grands to share their joy...moreover they made these papers at their tender age, it's great to explode and be creative...
What a good idea to start with them!

Donovan looked so satisfy with his rainbow vision piece. As Emily's piece look creative too! I read from book, children at Emily's age do really well with doodles and they like to draw circles especially the repeated circular exercises train they mind to be more focus...and also beginning to dwell in learning in the fun shapes that they have encountered.

Harvest time again. I love eggplants too. 2-5 eggplants a day is really a great figure.

Thanks for shairng Julie!

Judi said...

Hi Julie *hugs*
Great post with so much news. You made paper. You will have to tell me how you made it because I want to do the same. Last summer I really wanted to make some but I wasn't quite sure on the method.

Your grandson is so cute too isn't he and he must just love making things with you...both of them. :o) That is very special.

Pretty flowers and I love eggplant too. Have you roasted them? They are yummy roasted. Just slice and season and sprinkle on olive oil and into the oven..yum!

James IS such a great entertainer isn't he? He is so talented and his comcerts are going to be awesome!!

Time for bed for me..*nite nite*. It was great catching up.