Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day # siblings!

I have one brother and one sister. I am the oldest. My sister was born 2 years later. She was the tall sexy girl growing up, and I was shorter, plump and a reader. While she was at the beach in a bikini with boys flocking around her, I was home reading!!! Or playing tennis! Anyway, she married and had 2 boys (grown now) and she lives in Texas. She is a nurse, but she also got a Masters degree in business, and has a big job working for a major hospital chain.

My brother is a master of all. He learned to fly as a young boy (my Dad was a private pilot too), he had many jobs while he was a young adult...including finishing pools, buiding and installing kitchen cabinets, ...he is an insurance broker, and a boat captain. At this point he is a captain full time for a man who owns a luxurious small yacht. He takes him and his wife and dog on trips wherever they want to go, and maintains the boat all year. He is a very loving and generous guy (even though he tortured my sister and I in our youth) and turned out to be a wonderful brother.

I should mention that my sister happens to be a really great sister too, I just wish she was a little more crafty!!! LOL! :0

So there you have it!


Serena said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your parents and siblings, Julie. Wonderful and interesting life stories.

Mandy said...

Love it! My sister was the more outgoing of the two of us, and you could always find me with a book nearby! Funny how somethings don't change! Your brother has a pretty cool job too!

walk2write said...

It sounds like you have a family to be very proud of, Julie. Sorry I've been AWOL recently. I'm participating in a blogging challenge this month, and life has been crazier than usual.

deepazartz said...

You have a wonderful family... I have a younger bro and he's a gr8 company. He got married last year and now I have sis as well... Thanks to the Almighty for his grace and blessings!