Friday, April 29, 2011

My new plants!

Well, wonder of I found out from my boss that I was doing way more work than I had to!!! I am able to utilize more of the resources available to assist me later in the day so that I can finish up everything I need to and still get home at a reasonable hour!!! Glory be! I nearly cried...I wanted to...since I have been working way over an 8 hour day and with a 1 hour drive each way!!! I feel such relief now!

Well, being as she sent me home early today, I went shopping at a new nursery I had been wanting to visit...called ART BY NATURE, in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. It was incredible! The gal there, named Jackie was so helpful and so nice. I bought 4 things! I had gone to see if they had any Rugosa roses, which she did not...but she showed me a large (in a big pot) Drift rose, called Meijocos! Here is a pic from a website @ The Conard-Pyle Company. They are so old fashioned looking, and similar in style to the Rugosa. It is already about 1.5 ft. tall, and 2.5 ft. wide! Perfect for one of my tires. Oh, and she gave it to me for half price...marked 18, I paid 9! See below:

Next she had three small gardenias! I had been thinking about planting one outside of a window that I might open more to let the heavenly scent I bought 3! I couldn't resist.

Photo and more info on gardenias from LOVE TO KNOW!
I will show pics tomorrow after I get them planted. The leaves are dark green and the plants look like visions of health! I have to pic a good spot, because she said they will do best with protection from the afternoon sun...I hard thing to find here...

Oh, honor of the Royal Wedding today, we went out and ate British food tonight! I had Shepherds Pie, and DIL had Fish n Chips! My husband had prime rib...does that count??? The wedding was so beautiful, and I am so happy for them!

TGIF! I am so ready for 2 days off! Hope everyone has a fun weekend!
xoxo- Julie


Bobbie Lynn said...

Just beautiful Julie. Love that beautiful gardena and I wish I knew what was going on with mine. I think mine needs more sun. Just love the pink rose and the yellow centers.

I am so happy to hear that your boss recognized that you were working way too hard. Good that you will be home earlier. What a blessing. Have a wonderful weekend and happy planting.

Sueli said...

Very beautiful flowers. Have a nice weekend! Sueli.

Carla said...

How pretty!! Don't you love a healthy nursery and time to browse??? I want a rugosa for the hips and gargenias, but I may wait til I move. Hope they do well for you!

donna said...

Oh, Julie, your new Drift rose is so pretty and I think you're going to be very successful with it.

I guess nobody can accuse you of being a slacker and I'm glad your boss told you that you were working too much.

The wedding, I saw not a minute of it, but my 82 year old mother got up at 2:30 AM, put on a pot of coffee, made herself some peanut butter toast, plunked herself in her recliner, turned on the TV and enjoyed it all.


Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Oh how beautiful Julie! These photos are wonderful. I am so glad your boss recognized the hard work you are putting in. That is great. These flowers are a great treat.

I loved the wedding also. He was so handsome and she was the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. They seem like they are so much in love!

Claude said...

sounds like you have a great boss... I need one like her! the roses are great.

yoon see said...

Truly beautiful!

I love both flower shots here but especially inspired by the bottom.
The white blossom shot is so inspiring. Love the simple calm that I could retrieve from here.
Your composition for this shot is marvellous, I think it's very suitable for a postcard photo!

I wonder how the fragance of the white blossom could be! Must be as simple and calm as the blossom itself!

Amm, having Bristish food foe a treat in honoring the Royal Wedding Day....Wow! I had never thought of at all.

Fish n Chips is my favourite too. I am sure you enjoyed all bits of that day. Happy Monday to you Julie! Are you still in holiday mood....It's labour day right?!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am glad you got some relief at work Julie. It takes a while to get a new job ironed out. Your purchases look marvelous.

Judi said...

Hi Julie *hugs*
Well I'm glad you were sent home early and that you now know you don't have to do all that you've been are so good.
That will make it easier for you because thats a long drive too.

Your flowers are lovely. You chose very pretty ones...and I know you'll do good with them....oh I hope it will finally decide to become spring around here. I'm itching to some gardening too.

The wedding was beautiful wasn't it? The bride and groom were so beautiful and so loving and good for you for going British for dinner too. *s*..
I hope your weekend was good too my dear friend.