Thursday, April 21, 2011

Days 20 and 21

Days #20 and 21- My nicknames and a picture of myself!
Not to exciting...Jules, JuJuBee, ....and my sister and I call each other one of three things...Pib, Pibby, or Pibette! Don't ask me how that got started. Sometime in high school...and it has stuck all these years! Her real name is Judie.

I am a woman of few pictures...I am camera shy! Seriously though, I got to thinking about it, and it is really because I am always the one with the camera in hand! I was looking around to try and find a picture I hadn't put on here before, and I came upon my photobook of all the five years worth of Renaissance costume! I think this must have been around year 3 or 4, judging by the age of my daughter. She is on the left, and I in the middle. I blurbed out my friends face, cause I haven't had time to ask them if they can be shown on here. This costume was sewn up in a few hours by my lovely Mom! She held some dark cordurouy to my top and just started cutting, and BAM...we put some grommets in the front to lace up a leather string. I sewed the green skirt (elastic waist...easy), and I was ready to go! That was a magical year!

This second pic must have been year 2...because after my friend, daughter and I had gone the first year, we gathered a few more friends for the next! This was a really fun year with everyone there. I had three nurse friends, one husband, and 2 teenage sons with us! We had a blast! I am in yellow, daughter in purple.

Hope you enjoyed seeing me in my fantasy finery!!! LOLOL. xoxo- Julie


soulbrush said...

Isn't it cool fun to look at these old pics of oursleves and just giggle, totally giggle.I love the name JuJuBee and shall call you that, it matches with SoulyB.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It looks like you have had fun dressing up. I have dressed in 18th centry garb to play music during Christmas at a reconstructed village before. It was fun.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Love your costumes and my Daughter and I have always wanted to go to the Renaissance Festival. Every year goes by and we say, next year. It sounds like fun when I hear people that have gone and also gone in costume. Really cool.

I have also played flue and I still have mine and every once in a while I will bring it out. It needs some work and maybe I will take up lessons one day.

I hope once you get the laptop it will make your work go quicker and no more bring your work home. You need to be outside and play in your yard.
Wishing you and your family a beautiful Easter.
Bobbie Lynn

Judi said...

Hi Julie *hugs*
I know how it is. I remember a time I would say to my family that they would remember me by my not photos...because I was the one always taking the pics.
That seems to have changed somewhat though I am one of the photographers for sure...but now I ask that someone take a pic of me doing something I might like to have or with someone(s)..*s*..

You were involved with Renaissance Festival all dressed up too...nice photos. Now what exactly is that festival? I think I've heard of it...

Happy Easter to you you dear friend.

Teri C said...

Must be a girl thing...I ALWAYS take the photos and hate having my pix taken so its a great excuse. Love your dress up.

I forgot to mention in the other one about your DAd. We really are alike. Mine has been gone since I was 22. He was a star!

deepazartz said...

Its always great fun to view the photos and linger on their memories... And know what Julie, Its always me with the camera here...ur statement really struck me!