Friday, April 22, 2011

Day # 22- My favorite city!

San Diego, California! The reasons are too many to list. Sunny, cool, breezy, dry, and wonderful. Gorgeous architecture! Lovely succulents everywhere! It is paradise on earth! The beach parks, museums, gardens, restaurants, etc...Mexican food galore too! You really can't find a city any prettier...I'm sorry (Well, I know you can, but I challenge you to)!!! LOL.

OK...maybe I should just say almost every city in California!!! I guess you can know I also left my heart in San Francisco, LA, Hollywood, San Juan Capistrano, Palm Springs, Julian, and everywhere in between!

California, here I day!!!


Lynn said...

Julie my daughter and SIL and two youngest grandkids are there now on vacation...doing Lego Land, the zoo, the beach and probably lots of other fun things! Can't wait to hear all about it.
I do hope you come to the bay area so we can meet up!
Happy holidays.

Teri C said...

San Diego is a pretty city. My husband did his boot there for the Marines. He really loves it also.

I am enjoying your life!

shirley said...

isn't there a song which says. "I left my heart in san francisco" sounds like a great place to be.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I agree that San Diego is a beautiful city. California is a beautiful state. It is one of those places I like to visit.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Hi Julie,
I agree that we in California are very blessed to have some beautiful cities. My top pick? Monterey, Carmel, Half Moon Bay. I'm trying to see if maybe one day Hubby and I can move up there. If not, we enjoy going when we can and I also get a lot of inspiration for my garden too. I hope you do get come out and see the cities that you like here. I think you would have a great time. I love Palm Springs too, that is where Hubby and I got marred. In a tiny little chapel. : )
Have a wonderful day.

deepazartz said...

San Diego sounds Fun!!!Good Luck and Best wishes:)