Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New hobby...

Hi everyone! I have gotten bitten by a big new bug called embroidery!!! Not your usual patterns or traditional embroideries, but to make sort of collages (freehand) by making different embroidery stitches and attaching different laces,or embellishments as well...sort of in a crazy quilt sort of way. My blogger friend, Shirley at Stitches and Life specializes in making all these lovely things. If you ever want some unbelievably gorgeous embroideries to look at, check out her blog.

Neither of these two pics show the true color of my fabric, which is a vibrant yellow. This is where I was just sarting to try some different stitches, daisy chain, outline stitch, satin stitch and I forget what the pink one is called.

Then, I added a piece of lace which I attached down on the one side with Cretan stitches (blue), and added white French Knots. And so it goes, continuing to add bits of fabrics, trims, buttons...until you have a lovely artsy collage. This appeals to me. I am keeping it in my purse to pull out whenever I have a few minutes here and there. One thing I found out is that I hate using a hoop...I find it to hard to hold things as I need to, so I just do mine without it.

Otherwise, I am applying for jobs, bringing in all of my heirloom tomatoes which are ripening mostly all at the same time (of course). Tending the house, washing a ton of laundry and playing with grands. Life is full of fun!

Hope to get more posts done a bit more frequently, but we shall see. My desktop computer has been taken over by a gaming nerd, so I have been put back on my HP Mini, which I am actually enjoying! It gives me treedom to move about...mainly to my royal place of Queenliness...the couch!!! LOLOL.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

My painted bunting visitors

This morning, I was able to capture some pics of the buntings that visit each morning between 8-9am. I had to take them through the screen in my kitchen, so they are aweful photos, but I was so pleased to be able to see there coloring. The girl is green, boy bright colors. Are they not just so darn special? I can't even believe how blessed I feel to get to see them each winter. They take a bath and eat seeds every day!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fresh lunches!!!

I am so happy walking outside to get tomatoes, lettuces, and kale leaves to make my salad lunches this past week! Here is today's with added onion, red pepper, a sprinkle of grated mozzerella, and was soooo good....and soul satisfying that at least part was grown organically by me. Isn't it beautiful???? I feel so much healthier too (it really beats drive-thru chicken nuggets every day while I was working)!!! :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Doozey popping in to show a new succulent fairy garden, and other good things...

Hello from the Dooz-in-ator!!! She is looking directly at the camera for the first time ever!!! DIL took this shot as she was sitting...I believe she got such a result due to food being involved! Of course.....

Doozey would like to present her Mama's new cleaned and organized screenroom succulent area!

Many were just plain dead, many were used to make the new fairy succulent garden below, and so I had to do some shuffling, throwing away, etc. It was all good though and now it looks so spiffy. It lead to a good cleaning of the whole room, which was SOOOO GOOD!!!

Before I show the fairy garden, there is some other breaking news.....guess who has lost not one, but TWO baby teeth this week???

DONOVAN the magnificent!!!

So here is my new creation today! I had saved all my fairy garden making supplies, so I dragged them out, washed up my large shallow dish, and got some brand spankin new cactus soil. I took a few cuttings from the outside tire gardens as well, and most from the shaded screenroom. I will need to water daily for a while until roots are established.

Here are a few close ups. I love it...makes for a lot of happiness!

I haven't been posting a lot lately...been doing a lot of catch up after quitting my cleaning, doctors appointments, etc. I hope to do better...trying to search for a job too...everything is so time consumming...but as my friend always says "EVER ONWARD..."
Hugs and kisses...Julie

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Loving Papa Johns right now.....

My tomatoes and lettuces...

In random from my container garden this morning. Posting from my phone...not sure in which order they will go...but the orangy-colored one is a large Mr.Stripey. Can you see the stripes where I held his bottom side up a bit??? I am loving this winter growing season...just sowed a ton of green (or maybe they were red) pepper seeds this morning, that my husband saved for me. Dried on paper towel on kitchen sink...will put my best shot of them here will be blurry...but they look like tiny snails with a swirled pattern! LOL. Hope you can see it.

On another subject...I am feeling well now following a 10 day cold after leaving my over-the-top stressful job. Am so happy to be enjoying life again!!!
Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Emily and I were taking a walk a few days ago and marvelled at all the pretty little weed blooms we found in everyone's are a few.

(These looked much sharper on my phone...sorry so blurry).

Friday, February 3, 2012

Hibiscus beauty.

South Florida is paradise this time of year. My hibiscus bushes are blooming best when it is cooler. This one was in my face as I came out the door this morning! Sending sunshine and happiness to all my snowy friends!

X o x o - Julie

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Handmade Valentines!

I am happy to say these were made from stuff I already had around the house! YES!!!

Mine are the three with hearts...made with leftover "Nanna's Nursery" Baby Girl cardstock, lace, sequins, bows on a string, marker, and cut up white doily bits.

My artist daughter made personalized ones for Emily and Donovan, featuring their favorite characters...My Little Pony theme, and Pikachu, from Pokemon. They will be so pleased...especially with a little candy attached!

I still have more to make...but will do on another day when a few more free minutes present themselves!

X o x o...Julie