Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A few shots from Grassy Waters Natural Area today

Daughter and I took a walk on the boardwalk over these wetlands this afternoon, and it was so beautiful. The water lilies were blooming.

A bunch of these yellow flowering bushes rising out of the water....
Lovely blue water hyacinths...

Some beautiful white puff balls. Someone I.D.'d these for me one year. But I have forgotten the name! They look like atomic balls!

Water lilies stretching far and wide....
Some build up of floating plant material making an artistic pattern....
Stacked canoes ready to go...
And check out how much money can be saved by avoiding bottled water! Amazing!
Xoxo....Julie   (that was a nice walk on a cool breezy day....well, in the shade anyway.....)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

My rain lily bouquets!

Well, while I was busy at something in the house, my yard, which was suddenly and beautifully covered with rain lilies, got sabotaged!  By what, you ask? Not a thing, but the cutest girl in my world! EMILY JUNE!!!!

The yard was temporarily a lovely field of sweetness!  Until Ems decided to pick them all for her Mom and I.  

We decided to make a short stemmed, and longer stemmed bouquets (those that that weren't ripped out so mightily)!!!

We are decorating the carport with our bouquets! Are they not just so sweet?  They will stay open for days in water. At least some enjoyment can still be had! Ha! The joys children bring just cannot be  increased!!!! No way.

Good rosy morning!

I went out to water the tire garden and found this huge spray of Drift roses! I love when I can catch them fresh and perfect. They seem to fade fast.....much faster than other roses. But....they sure can put on a show!!!!!
Have a happy Sunday!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My pink tipped Euphorbia Lactea

You would think I would have seen that weed and pulled it before taking the picture, and maybe added more shells, but what can I say! This plant is much brighter tipped in winter months, and the pink is still there. It caught my eye yesterday and I thought I'd show it. It's hard to imagine, but most days it goes unnoticed by me. Pretty though, eh??? I just noticed the picture of it in the side bar from a few years ago, and you can see it has grown a bit! Lots more twists and curls!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

This picture is for Elizabeth @ who asked to see a full view of the tire garden.  Click on picture to make it larger. You can see I have some tires that are three high, some are two and some are one tire high.  This can be done in a more attractive way.  Mine really isn't all that large. I had gotten the ones that are flat on the ground started when I was planting collard greens in them and needed more tire space, but for succulents or flower gardening it is nice to stack higher to save your back.  I have also seen where you can do rows kind of staggered and you can build out from higher tire stacks to lower and be able to plant in the spaces between the tires as well.  I am actually thinking of using some 7 inch high (or so) edging to be able to close in the areas around the tires to plant in the spaces as well.  I think some sweet sort of wild flowers would look very cool growing about.  We shall see.   I have not painted my tires because the sun and heat down here would probably have it all cracking off.  I will, someday, empty these out and rearrange them in a more attractive manner.  It will be a lot of work, because they are all full of soil that will have to be managed and redone.  I can't think about that now until fall/winter here.  Hope anyone who feels inspired to make a tire garden will do so and let me know so I can see what you do.  Hey... here are some more sites you can check out I copied from Google Blog Search!

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  2. How To Make A Tire Planter | Vegetable gardening hints

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    The post How To Make A Tire Planter appeared first on The Cheap Vegetable Gardener.Used tires are a difficult waste product to dispose of as they take up a great deal of space and are discarded in large volumes every year ...

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    When I first told my mother I was going to make a planter from an old tire, her mind instantly flashed back to the tacky whitewashed tire planters from the 1970's. The horrid fashion and decor of that era must have left her with ...
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  10. Using old tires to make a flower bed - Green Energy - ECO Friendly

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    Getting free old tires should be easy from many places. When getting new tires you might get old ones for only $5.00 On average all you will need is maybe four or five for a good bit of planting. But large installations may ...

Monday, May 20, 2013

Catching and releasing moths with Emmie

Our yard is full right now of tiny moths that hang out in the grass. Emily became enthralled with them and we decided to capture a few to have a better look. 
She has released them now and is looking forward to a new search after school.
She is such a neat girl.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

My new auction addiction!!!

I am completely smitten!  I have a bid on a couple of Vera Bradley handbags, and a Betsy Johnson bag for my DIL!  This is so fun.  I love to search for a color, or whatever my heart desires, and browse the selections!  Hope you will enjoy, if you choose to!  I discovered this site in the middle of the night last night!  If anyone knows me, now you know why I am half asleep during the day!  Late night browsing! ;)

A little posey of each of my roses!

I looked out the window this morning and  saw that each of my mini roses bushes had at least one flower so I could make a bouquet of all. Aren't they sweet? I added a sprig of jasmine.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A few pictures from the tire garden this morning

A volunteer sunflower amidst the sweet!
Mother of Millions nestled between the tires!
I love how these grocery store mini red roses grow in clumps!
A few yellows
The Black Knight has re-seeded along with a lettuce plant!!!!!
A few light pinkish mums
And check it out.....another darn tomato found back where I do not pay any attention! I had moved this and a few others to my long lost porch of despair 5 months ago, and I guess we have had enough rain to keep this fighter going!!!!!
Have a great week everyone!
xoxo- Julie

Monday, May 13, 2013

Some little plant lives found!

I was in Lakeland, Florida this past weekend for a funeral.  My Moms last sister passed away. All three of the siblings went to heaven in the same year period. It has been a sad year, for sure.

As we were walking through a bank parking lot back to our hotel, I found these plant growths on these trees. The leaf shot is to attempt to find the name of these trees. I will look for an APP to try and identify.  One of these growths looks like a bit of sphagnum moss, and most look like some form of moss. I wonder if they will all grow up to be sphagnum moss????? Neat to see how they start out.....just a light circular patch of green on the trunk. Pretty cool. I patch was much more wild and had a shredded appearance.  Well, I had to stop for pictures! Exciting stuff, eh?????

The last shot was of a rosé I found there in Lakeland which was nearly the size of my hand!!!!! They sure have gorgeous flowers!  It's just a beautiful city!

The very last shot was the sort of backdrop in front of a lake downtown there, at a gorgeous garden called Hollis Gardens. Unfortunately we only spent 5 minutes before they closed. My cousin says we will return when I get back over there, which I can hardly wait to do!

Take care!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Super Doozey!

Oh my gosh! I came home this morning, after kids to schools and everyone to work, and found this picture, drawn by 8 year old grandson, Donovan! It's Super Doozey! A tear came to my eye! How sweet. What a boy!!!! (Click to make bigger).
I'm adding a picture I just took of the Super Doozey doggy hiding from the camera!!!!! Hahaha!!!! It's a rainy, melancholy day here.