Monday, August 26, 2013

My Princess Granddaughter meets 3 Disney Princesses!

We visited the Magic Kingdom and they had a room set up with 3 princesses for the kids to meet.  Emily met Rapunzel:
Then she met Sleeping Beauty:
And last, she met Cinderella!
What a magical surprise!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Easy homemade fresh dog food

My vet has me making Doozey fresh food twice daily. It was surprised at how easy it is! I cook up a week or so worth of either chicken legs or ground chuck. Put it in a container. If I use chicken legs I just put them in refrig and at mealtimes I take out a leg and tear up meat from a whole leg for her. Doozey weighs 8 lbs and needs to lose a pound at least. 
Then they told me I could use canned vegetables! This brand is one mix Doozey absolutely loves! It has potatoes, carrots, celery, a few corn kernels, (but not many), and peas and green beans. Everything is soft so easy to mash up with a fork!
Now the only thing is that you have to add some kind of vitamin/mineral and enzyme concoction so dog gets what they need to stay healthy. I do it, and Doozey actually will eat her food with these crushed and mixed in. These are liver flavored.  For a dog her size she only needs one tablet a day. There is a chart on container to tell how many per day per weight of your dog.
So here I have mashed the veggies
Added 1/2 cup meat
Taken out this very large tablet
I break it into 4 peices
Crush it with the back of a spoon on top of a folded paper towel. This keeps anything from trying to slip or slide away and you can scrape the crushed stuff right off the towel into the food. Easy.
Then mix
Here is how I just put the lid back down in the veggie can to store in fridge. Easy.
Doozey loving her dinner!
I hope you can consider making fresh foods for your pet. It really is no trouble. I cook the chicken legs either in a crock pot all day, or one evening I bake a huge pack of them in the oven while I sit around with my feet up.

I was having a huge problem finding ANY store bought foods the Doozey actually would eat. The vet suggested this, and we have all been much happier. If I would have known how absolutely easy it is, I would have done it from the get-go!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Just a few things!

I was at the theater with the grandkids a few days ago and saw a woman with the cutest little hipster bag. I asked where she had gotten it, and she said Gander Mountain. It was made by KAVU. I knew I would be there before the days end to check out their bags!  I texted hubby to take us to Tall Tales Restaurant at Gander Mountain for dinner that night, and lo and behold he said OK!  We found many sizes, styles and patterns of these KAVU bags. They also had zippered pouches and wallets to match!  Here is my new bag:
And daughter got this little beauty to carry her IPAD and accessories in:
I was thinking of my lovely blogger pal and friend, Shirley, as I made these (my now internet famous rose waffles). I put butter and some organic blackberry preserves on them!  I used very little flour, mostly egg in this recipe, so they tasted more like Swedish pancakes. Delicious!
Here is a sideways photo of Doozey hiding under the covers during a rainstorm last night! Awe! She's such a cutie!
I found these adorable baby shoes for my youngest granddaughter, Audrey, who turns 7 months old on Aug 21. Do you think she will like them? Her Mom loves animal prints, so I know someone in the family will be pleased!
So other than me kinda crushing my car door in my own carport tonight, all is well.  I sure hope a body shop will be open tomorrow as I cannot close the door now. This is serious! Lol. Who knows all the sales I might miss this weekend!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

My new/old embroidered pillowcase

When I went over to Lakeland last weekend to help my cousin with a project, she had this old embroidered pillowcase that she thinks either she or her sister had done in high school. I think she was going to give it to Salvation Army, but I got to bring it home instead. Sorry this is such a crappy photo, but it shows the new case in REALLY LOVED condition!!! LOL.
Otherwise, we have been swimming at the DIL's new apt building. I have a pic of the kids in the pool, but it will not upload for some strange reason. I am in the process of turning one bedroom into an office for my husband, and the other room into a gaming/craft room! Just in the cleaning stages now, as we are still moving things to DIL's place. It feels good to get the areas cleaned up a bit...and have some fresh chi rolling through! My daughter re-did her bathroom to suit her...very girly, and pink is all I can say. Today I drive my brother and his wife to the Ft. Lauderdale airport. My hubby took this week off to relax a bit after his birthday last Thursday. As you can see, things are still running BUSY here. My DIL's Mom is keeping the grandkids today and tomorrow for me so we can do a few fun things (and continue cleaning) while hubby off work. The grands had gone to summer camp the first 4 weeks of summer, but since then have been staying home with me. We are also planning an end of the summer trip somewhere fun in Florida...if any good ideas, please share. Water play or indoor activities due to the heat. I'm all ears for any possible good suggestions! xoxo- Julie