Sunday, January 31, 2010

Silly little doodle...

Donovan came home with this cute little Ronald McDonald last weekend, and it has ended up sitting around on my table Emily was sleeping and Donovan was here building a puzzle with me, I did a quick sketch of Ronny McD. I had bought a little book with pen attached for my purse, and it hadn't quite made it into my purse Ronald leads the way to further actions in this little sweet!!!

My life...

I have been spending a few hours at the wee hours of the night, making handsewn felt ATC's. So far I have managed only two! I haven't shown them yet, because I have sent them out as surprises to folks who read my blog! I still have to send one I figure in a week or so I can show them. I have taken pictures, so will not forget.

I have been spending my time giving good quality time to my grandchildren! I am so in love with is hard sometimes to let their parents have them! Yesterday their Dad and my daughter and I took them to a little carnival at a Catholic Church down the street. They both enjoyed it so much! We all rode a few rides, and the local Knights of Columbus were selling freshly made we all tried a bit of it. Delicious!!! Donovan wanted cotton you think he got any? Of course he did!!!!! LOL! It was a gorgeous, and perfect day...breezy nad cool...but no sweaters needed, which was nice. We all got home and took a nap...all together and at the same time...(a miracle)!!!

My husband had gone for a hike and saw his beloved animals! He sees wild turkeys, alligators, birds of all types, wild hogs, etc. He worries about them, especially when water levels are too low. Of course, he napped when he got home too! It was a house of sleep for about 1 hour!!!

I cooked a beef roast in my crock pot all day and my son made a vegetable mixture for us to go with it for dinner...very yummy!

My collards are looking so good outside in the tire garden! I only wish I could make them grow faster so I can EAT them! It is sort of a slow torture for me to see them all day every day out my kitchen window!!! LOL!

Well, just wanted to let you know that things are rolling along here, as they should be...and to say hi. Hope everyone is doing well. Talk to you again soon, and hopefully will have some pictures!!!
xoxo- Julie

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Free vintage patterns for embroidery!

If anyone who comes to my blog is interested (even minimally) in embroidering vintage patterns, please consider visting a blog I just discovered this evening. It is done by Floresita at My Vintage Transfers, where you can actually click on the pattern picture and it will enlarge and you can print it out. By using a transfer pen, you can trace it, then iron it onto your fabric and you are ready to go! (She has the mirror image there, so it will come out perfect)!

For any cactus Monday members, she even has a few cactus designs that are adorable! They are free to use and not under I'm just sayin...have fun there!!!
xoxo- Julie

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My soft doll attempt

I have been spending a few minutes each night after my grands go home, looking at these stuffed animals and dolls, etc., which have been appropriately named "SOFTIES" in new lingo. They are so favorites being made of felt. I want to get to trying this. It would have to be done to just make a collection for myself, as toys for Emily,or to try and sell. You can see softies by googling, or it is a label or tag on Etsy. I'm sure most of you have seen them before. Fellow blogger, Messyfish, makes softies too!
Anyway...while sitting around looking at these online, I realized I had a handmade, freeformed doll I had made a few years back. She ended up with a big head, and long skinny neck, and strange looking feet (sort of like Squidward on Spongebob)!!! LOL. Here she is, wearing a dress taken off an old porcelain doll:

A close up of her head. I embroidered her face freehandedly also (I guess I hate plans, and perfection). Her hair has never been made. I braided a ribbon, and it is only pinned to the top of her head (poor girl). I am terrible with hair ideas... and getting a certain style of hair to match the dolls composition or personality!

I must have made her around 4th of July, because the little heart that I sewed to her chest, has a sort of flag look to it.

A full body view.
Yes...I just took this picture this little Christmas tree is still up! Ha! I am leaving it up as a symbol of hope for so many in general, future prosperity, Haiti, and LOVE. Well, I also really like the glow it provides at night...and my little girl here likes to pose next to it also!!!
So there she is...any name suggestions??? Next I hope to post some felt plushies, or softies I've made! If tiame avails. Happy day to all!

Monday, January 25, 2010

It's Donovan time!

I have had the opportunity to showcase my granddaughter, Emily so much more of the time, but tonight after I picked him up from school, he was playing with his GI Joes, and he was able to finally dress them himself without any help and manage the little tiny snaps! I found these two GI Joe cases about a year ago at a garage sale, just chock full of stuff, including about 6 dolls, and tons of clothes and accessories...but some of the clothes have snaps rather than velcro, so it is a little harder for little hands! He was so proud of himself, I had to take a few pics to capture his joy! He sure can brighten my day like nothing else...I just love this little boy!!!!! BTW...nevermind the chocolate chip muffin smeared face!!!

Cactus Monday and more...

Here it is the start of another week. Time sure flies. It is Cactus Monday again, and of course, I can only show you some photos from my yard this morning (for times sake). When I opened my front door, I saw that the red hibiscus where seeming to float above the bushes...standing up all pretty, and blowing in the wind. I had to get the camera, and from there started around the yard!

A healthy Mammillaria cactus for you...

A freeze damaged Fairy Castle cactus (sadly). I did not notice this damage until some time after the actual freeze. Maybe a week after.

And here is a blurry pic (best one of all) of my neglected triple red hibiscus that grows on the side of the house and never seems to get any attention! I must do better for this little girl! You can see how small it is. I am a bad momma!

Well, hope everyone has a wonderful week! Cheers from sunny south Florida!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

It has become LOVE!

Some months ago...long before my grandkids came home from Germany...I ordered this cute pink doll from my blogger pal, Judy from Cranberry Blossom, from up in Canada.
Emily has just gotten to the age (almost 1 1/2)where she appreciates that she is a doll, and she will hold her and hug and kiss her! It is so adorable. Just had to share a few pics!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Art Hearts for Haiti

I may have done this ATC too quickly without following the directions closely waiting to hear if it will qualify for the project from leader, Laure, over at Painted Thoughts. I am hoping that since it contains hearts, it will be good. I did this with Sharpie pens here, late, after everyone has long-gone to bed. I am anxious to see what Laure creates with the images of all the ATC's sent to her, to help Haiti. BTW..."Touswit" in Creole means IMMEDIATELY!

If anyone wants to contribute, please click on the Art Hearts for Haiti logo on top of my sidebar, and you can go to Laure's blog to see what to do. You can create more than one image at this point, also, if you wish to.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Peach hibiscus open...finally!

Well, surprise!!!...this morning the peach hibiscus were opening! I thought they never would!! It has been months of only reaching the bud stage and then they die off. Now, I have an abundance. I think they are very susceptible to water, heat,and sun. Tempermental little buggers!!! They are some pretty doubles though!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Cactus Monday subjects

Happy Cactus Monday everyone! I am up with the little girl, early...while the rest of the house sleeps. Here are some early morning pics of some of my finest subjects!!!
First is the cactus I need to know how to make divide or make more branches. Should I trim a peice or two off the top and stick them in the pot??? Claude, I need you!!!

DOOZEY!!! What are you doing in here?

This big ugly monstrosity still delights my heart! Why? I suppose beauty is in the eye of the beholder! I REALLY need to repot this thing. If I don't go get some soil today, I think I will scream! Or cry. Yeah, that might work!!! If I don't get the soil, I will at least get a good cry! LOL. Ha.

OH...who is this cute thing????? Is she a princess???? How does this little sugar doll keep popping in here?

Well, look at this! I have a ton of new growth on this Topsy Turvy echeveria. I thought I could not keep echeverias going...but I believe I have about 3-4 different ones that I haven't killed yet...amazing!!!

Princess girl again? Concentrate on the beauty...not the dirty floor!!!! Eek!

Doozey!!!!!!!! What?

Have a wonderful Monday!!!
xoxo- Julie

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My plants after one night at 32 degrees F.

Baby Emily fell asleep in the car, so I quickly took a few shots of some of my plants. Most are doing great, but a few suffered damage with the one freezing night here. Below, my Thimble Cactus is putting out some blooms (it's happy).

The Perle Von Nurnberg below is very happy...with a touch of water with the rain we have had today!

The collards are on week three of growth...lookin good...seemed to thrive in the cold air, thank God!!!

My hibiscus look the same as always! These peach ones, which I have been wanting to show for the last month, just seem to get to the bud stage, and then rarely open. Anyone know what is going on with that? They get the same amt. of sun, water, and fertilizer as my red ones, which you can see open fully and are usually covered. The peach and red are all planted in one row.

The hybrid Kalenchoe...the ones with 26 petals on each blossom...are looking good right now all bloomed out. I had planted about 15 of these plants in three different colors last year, but the sun and water situations took most of them out. These two are the best two left.

The Prickly Pear pad (ONE PAD) I had planted about 8 months ago (saved from the one that was cut down in the neighborhood) growing quite has 8 pads now!!! No damage to it from the cold.

These next two are blurry (sorry)...but show my favorite plant...Mother of Millions...with damage...the leaves became white and waterlogged. I am hoping the whole thing wasn't taken out. It looks kinda rough. I think it will recover...I am gonna hope so anyway.

My Angelwing Begonias were really damaged. They had been under the covered front porch. I should have brought them in, but I couldn't think of everything! I have cut them back severely in hopes they will live.

Last but not least...the Christmas Cactus is gorgeous right now!

Happy upcoming week to all!
xoxo- Julie

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Doozey sends love!

Doozey is sending love out to the world. Please God, help those who are suffering anywhere around the world...and especially those in Haiti.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Strathmore Art Contest

Just a quick note to tell you that you can vote for both student artists and professional/hobby artists in a contest Strathmore is having, to convey green (as in earth friendly) products! You can vote once in each category. There are some excellent entries! Go here to vote: Strathmore Artist Contest.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fallen Iguana!!!

This post is for my friend, Cindy, out in California (at Bug Safari)who loves lizards and such. You all may have heard about the Iguanas falling out of trees here in south Florida with the recent freezing temps. neighbor (right next lie) just came to get us to see one that had fallen out of her trees 2 days ago when the temps were down to 32 overnight. This Iguana is actually dead. We have no idea if it froze to death, or died due to the fall. I had to take a pic because I actually could not believe it had happened so very close to my house! Good grief!!!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Aloe Cactus Monday

I saw this aloe in a huge clump in a sort of abandoned area (sadly, in someones front yard)...with the pretty orange blooms popping up, and I thought of how sometimes we thrive in adversity! I was busy until after dark last night, but ran back to take a picture in the dark. It looks kinda neat after dark, don't you think?
Happy Cactus Monday to all my blog peeps!
xoxo- Julie

3 AM

I am awake with baby and I realized tht I had a few minutes yesterday to make a card for a friend, but forgot to take a picture before mailing. What a dork! The person who is getting it reads this blog, so maybe best I didn't post it, and it will be a surprise.

I suppose I will be all over hearts soon, getting ready for Valentines Day. It's a fun time of year. Has anyone ever tried whittling, or wood carving with a knife? Seems it could be fun and relaxing...I was thinking of trying to make some wooden hearts. I suppose I would need a soft wood. I need to read up on this.
Something like these seems nice!!! I like the naturalness of the wood...nice and simple. Sweet. Happy.

Picture on right from Holyland

Picture on left from Dolfistore