Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I recieved this sweet award from SOULBRUSH today, and what a surprise after working hard all day! It is so sweet with the dog (I love dogs)...and I would like to pass it on to any of you listed in my are all deserving and instead of listing individual names, I wish anyone who would like it, to take it! Now that is fun! If you want to see all my awards (only cause they are so colorful and cute...LOL)...they are at the bottom of my sidebar....not because I want them way down there, but because it is the only place I can store them, because I feel I NEED my other sidebar items, and it is very convenient to have them closer at hand! Thanks to Soulbrush, and everyone else who has ever given me an award...I am honored. I had said one time, way back...that they would make such a cute collection...and it has become a reality! COOL! I wonder how much room gives us for sidebar space... hmmmmm.....

Monday, October 27, 2008

New succulent rescues...literally!

A friend and I stopped by a really big and beautiful nursery today, and found many succulents...the two I picked out are just like candy to my eye (so I posed them in front of my Halloween candy tonight). I have tried to ID them, and so the best of my ability, I believe they are called (from left to right) Gasteria liliputana AND Haworthia cooperi.

They both have sun damage...were left out in full sun, with little care (full of weeds when I brought them home). Many plants there had died and completely decayed.

The Gasteria definately needs to be is so crowded I feel sad for it! I don't actually have a larger pot tonight, or I would not even consider letting this wait...but until tomorrow...

If anyone knows of any other identifying information...please do not hesitate to let me know. I am looking through all my books and finding the closest match to what I see...which, as I have found out in the world of succulents...may be close, or may be a whole other species altogether!! That is the truth. So don't be shy if you have any ideas about them! I appreciate all help I can get from such a knowledgable group as yourselves!!!

The Haworthia has caespitose (growing in small dense clumps or tufts) rosettes 4 cm in diameter; pale green leaves with a long terminal bristle. It should have pinkish white flowers with green veins!

The Gasteria has short stemmed rosettes forming clumps (there are a lot, lot, lot of them in here)...dark green spotted leaves, and it should have RED flowers! I think the bronze colored leaves are either from the full sun beating down on them, or possibly this is a variety of B. bicolor Haworthia. That would be cool...I suppose time will tell.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cactus Monday...and Succulents too!

Well, actually I am showing you all of my screenroom plants...well, not all, but some anyway! These are not succulents at all, but I had to show how this angelwing begonia is taking over the world! I know I should cut back the long stems to make it bushy, but I don't have the heart...I just adore these long lovelies!!!
On the back right hand side of the table is a gift from a friend called Lemon Thyme, and boy does it smell good! The pot she gave me is so pretty also!

Here is some info I found about it:
Lemon Thyme looks like English Thyme and grows like English Thyme but that is where the similarity stops. Lemon Thyme definitely smells like lemon and tastes like lemon. It can be used in any recipe calling for lemon juice, lemon zest or lemon flavoring. It grows like a weed so there is always more lemon waiting in the garden. Lemon Thyme added to marinade is great with fish or chicken. Lemon Thyme's glossy green foliage can be sheared to form one of the knots in a traditional knot garden.
---Very interesting. I will try this out in cool is that!!! Here is a close-up of it!
Oh...if you would like to check out a few recipes that use this herb, click here: LEMON THYME RECIPES

Now here is my mystery haworthia ???? Update: This succulent has been I.D.'d by my blogger pal, and succulent expert in my book... Ashraf Shreif, as a Haworthia turgida var. suberecta

My trio of friends! Cryptanthus (red), Dyckia marnier (silver-green), and Haworthia Limafolia (green).

I did a little trimming on my Elephant Bush bonsai...and

here are a pot of cuttings I am trying to get rooted for further bonsai material!

I cleaned a lot of dead strands out of these Strings of Bananas...but...

I was encouraged to find new growth coming up in both pots! Hey...saved in the nick of time...I was planning to throw them both in the trash today! They irritate me, generally!

The Haworthia limafolia are so easy to have...they are the non-pickiest succulent I own! AND...are really about the most beautiful with that lovely swirling star pattern going on! I adore them!

A bright little Moon Cactus thrown in for good measure!

Check out all the growth on my Fairy Castle Cactus...all thise new little growths on the bottom...I am so glad I saved this one from the Walmart of Doom! It is very hardy, cute, and a perfect shade of dark forest green!

Here is a shot of a portion of my long running ZigZag or Ric Rac epiphytic cactus from Mexico. The lightning-shaped leaves dangle two to four feet over the edge of the pot. It is a fun one, for sure!

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my screenroom succulents!
Happy Cactus Monday everybody!

Daylight Savings Time

Here is a list of what dates and times, around the world. Interestingly, the U.S. is not until Nov 2, 2008. You can see the list HERE.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Doozey photoshoot on voting day!

When I stepped outside after casting my vote with my husband and daughter (her first time voting, so it was a BIG deal)...I found this leaf and made a rubbing to commemorate the day...I thought it was so apropos... the freedom we have to vote (among other things) and the freedom we find in just captured the moment for me! Oh, and check out a sneak peek at one of my orange chairs!!!

I got home and was snuggling with my Doozey and decided to try and do a photoshoot even though she is a very unwilling participant! She did manage to give me a few cute poses! Here she is, my little sugar doll !

Burst forth Gigantea bloom, and some chihuahua artwork!

Look what I saw when I looked out my kitchen window this morning? Woo-hoo!!! I wanted to get a pic of the bud (it looked more like a huge pod from outer space) yesterday...but I never did, and this morning it was opened to reveal a 12 inch Stapeliad gigantea bloom! The flies are circling, but there is not too much detectable odor to my human nose!

And a close up! I measured from one tip to the end of another tip. I had not ever measured one of my blooms before, but today I was enticed because of how large the bud had been!

Check out what my daughter did with the photo of one of my fall ATC's...can you see the little chihuahua in the scarecrow's arms? I like this much better than my original card...I can pretend that my little Doozey is actually in the artwork!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Florida Amendments Clearly Explained, FINALLY!

Any Florida voters who need a clear explanation of the Amendments, you can GO HERE to see a FLASH video using language and pictures to clearly explain what we need to know!!! Wicked Gardener sent this to me, so thankyou to her!!!!!


I have found a wonderful care sheet for Lithops! I may have to get myself another one to try. They are so cute! If you look at Herself's Houseplants website you can see a lovely photo and info on how to care for them. I DO want to try again...I really do!


Hey...look at the cool echeveria candle my SIL gave me for my birthday! It is a hen, of hen and chicks, is it not??? I love it...I can't kill it...

Today is early voting day for me. Does anyone know where to find explainations (in plain english) of amendments? My Mom, myself and my daughter all read them several times and tried to peice together that they actually say, (2 college grads here, and a smart daughter), and we cannot figure them out. I have decided to leave them for the people who possibly might know what the ---- they say, and may mean as far as any ammending goes. I think this is something that needs to change for sure...they need to be written in a way that an 8th grader can understand, so that anyone voting can truely understand and study and REALLY make a difference. We think they are intended for this, but yet no one can read them, let alone make an informed decision! What is up with that????? CRAP.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Blooming Fittonia!

Should I call this my Great Horned Owl??? I had one of these stalks come up about 2 months ago, and since then, a few more have slowly popped out. I count 7 now. The flowers are teeny-tiny, and fall off rather quickly, then you are just left with the stalks! This is the first time one of my Fittonias have bloomed and it is kinda fun to watch!
Update on Dec. 5, 2008...I am entering this photo in a contest over at Life On The Balcony. It is definately my favorite indoor houseplant!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm ready to quit country living!!!

This is hard work! I have not sat down all day except to fall flat out asleep on the couch mid-day and nearly miss my kitty's trip to the vet! We got there, and my Baby Cat has all of his up to date requirements. No problems found...just a perfect Baby!
Ever onward...I thought I should do a little handwork during my Country Woman Days! I found an oldtimey peice I had already started a few years is a techique of embroidery called Chicken Scratch...women used to do it on their aprons, and chances are, you have probably seen this on some at the antique shops or at Ebay or I think it is quite cute and I make this heart pattern, and incororate it into whatever I am making...a pillow most generally. I worked on this heart a little more today, and in this pic only about half of the little circle parts are done. I made a pillow for my SIL about 5 years ago and it was adorable. I wish I had taken a picture. I am thinking of what shall become of this particular heart...we shall see!

And a close-up! Don't look too close and see my mistakes! LOL

I've done 2 loads of laundry every day! This is dog work!

As a good country wife, I mended a shirt for my hubby. This was a 5 second job, but by the time I pull out my sewing machine, dust it off, plug it in, thread it, and wind a bobbin in the right color, it takes more like 30 minutes! LOL.

Now here is the Apple Dapple Cake I posted the recipe for yesterday! It turned out fairly well...very moist...full of fresh chopped apples...but it calls for WAY TOO MUCH OIL! I recommend replacing half that oil with applesauce, and you will have yourself a delicious, moist, yummy cake! It made a 9 x 13 pan full, so I haved shared it with friends and family! That brown stuff on top that you see, is a caramel topping you make and it really adds a lot to the whole cake!

And here you can see Doozey modelling her new daisy halter! She is a cutie in it!

And look what came in the mail today! My last copy of Cactus and Succulent Journal, and To The Point. Time to renew. I wanted you to see what was on the front cover...a Lophaphora Williamsii, or Peyote Cactus! I just love the way they look...sort of like lumps. They are weird and strange, and I guess that is why I like them...and no, I haven't been smoking anything!!! LOL.

So, now, I am worn out from my County Woman Days and I really want to quit, but I think I will just take it a little easier. But tomorrow I need to wash windows and screens! Hey...I may be saved...I hear it is supposed to be solid thunderstorms the rest of the week! Yee-Haw!!!

New grandbaby pics in sidebar!

SOULBRUSH had asked about any new pictures of Emily, my new granddaughter. I just changed out my sidebar pics, also to include my cutest of cute grandson, Donovan! They are just like sparkling gems to me! I am so happy being a grandma!!! (Just don't think I am old enough for this, though)!!! LOLOL. I can't wait for them to come home in Sept. 2009!! That is my sons discharge date from the Army!
Have a happy day!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Finally...a delicious recipe...Apple Dapple Cake! cousin, Debbie, told me about this cake her Mom used to make...which means I must have had at least one peice growing up over the years of visiting them nearly every weekend! Of the pictures of it I have searched for, it looks extremely moist, and I like the idea of the caramel-ish topping/frosting! I hope you all can try it! I will let you know how mine turns out!

Printed from COOKS.COM


2 c. sugar
3 eggs
1 1/3 c. cooking oil
3 c. flour
1 tsp. soda
1 tsp. salt
3 c. apples, chopped
1 c. nuts

Mix ingredients thoroughly, folding in apples and nuts last. Turn into greased and floured pan (9 x 13 inches). Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes. Cool, cut into squares.


1/2 stick butter
1/2 tsp. vanilla
1/2 c. light brown sugar
2 tbsp. milk

Combine all ingredients into a boiler. Boil for 1 minute. Spread on hot cake.

Country Woman Days, and death of a succulent!

Since returning from my trip, I have started Country Woman Days- 1 week of cooking fall foods, cooking and cleaning...and basically having a lot of fun with the idea. It is always fun to trick myself into doing a little work! LOL. Naturally, having this week off, I would rather not do much of anything...but this way, I am actually enjoying it!

Last night, I made a pot of pinto beans, Mom made her famous corn bread, and collard greens! We make this dinner about once a month anyway, but it is so delish we cannot resist it!

Tonight will be making something called Ham and Potato Casserole. It is very fattening, so I will eat a little of it, with collard greens on the side! I found the recipe in this small little publication by Taste of Home, called Halloween Food and Fun! I will be making a few things from it during this week. Pumpkin bread at some point, and I am actively searching for a dense, moist apple cake recipe. So far, I have asked 2 people, and no recipe yet!!! My one friend in Gainesville, Florida, who I would consider the MOST country-ish of women, did not really have an apple cake recipe either!!! If anyone knows of a good one...let me know!!!

I had a succulent death while I was gone, coincidently. My Pleiospilos bolusii. It had been relatively happy out in full sun, but when my sprinklers hit it, it didn't do as well, so I brought it to the screenroom...but it has now gone south. Oh, man, this can be rough! I will have to have a proper burial for it today! LOL. It was so pretty...maybe I will get another and just put it back in the tires...or at least in fuller sun. It is so sad when a plant dies.

Speaking of that, I counted all my succulents (without the Pleio) and I have a collection of 54 plants. Someone had asked me how many I had. I only counted per species...some I have more than one. I was kinda surprised I had that many, actually. They just all sort of grew on me...snuck up I guess you would say!

Speaking of that, I have terrible luck with Strings of Bananas. I think when I completely kill the two that I have off, that will be it. No more!

Happy fall days to all of you!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Thanks to all and I'm back!

Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes! We had a great time over this weekend and I am so happy now to be back with my little Doozey!

I spoiled her when she got home...chicken to eat, and a nice long walk with her NEW with daisies all over it. She looks like a doll in was one of the few things I bought at the fall festival! I will show a picture of it on her as soon as I get a good nights sleep! I gave her a bath and washed her blanket.

I also bought 3 bars of cocoa mango goats milk soap that smells absolutely devine!!! The food was sucky at the festival, but later that evening we went to the Yearling Restaurant in Cross Creek, Florida...home of the author of The Yearling...Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings!

I had been there many times when I lived in Gainesville (from 1980-1990), and they offered such foods as alligator, turtle (cooter) soup and gravy, frog legs, fried oysters, etc. It was ALL GOOD. We learned this visit that the restaurant had actually closed for a 10 year period while I have been moved away, but opened up again with a new owner a while back. The only thing that was not still on the menu was the turtle soup and gravy. It was such a great birthday day...I cannot tell you! I was so happy to be able to take my Mom, daughter and bestest friend there!!! Happy memories, both old and now NEW!

Our weather has been fantastic the last 2 days...and this morning when we woke up it was 54 degrees thanks to a cold wave passing through...luckily it moved all the way down the state to Miami, so when we got home this afternoon it still felt great! What a very welcome relief from the darn hot hotness of south Florida!!!YEAH!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

ONE day and counting!

OK...down to the wire work day to go!

What is everyone doing for the weekend? Any big plans??? I am going to a country fall festival and gonna eat a few very yummy things for my birthday (Saturday)! I am hoping to find one of those good apples, either the one I described yesterday or a caramel apple would be just fine! We hope to go to a beautiful Italian restaurant tomorrow night, and I hope they have some lovely mushroom dish just waiting for me! Oh,'s true, I like to eat them as much as look at them! LOLOL.

Speaking of that I had a fantastic dinner at a Mexican restaurant the other night...called Arroz con Camarones. It was yellow rice with shrimp, and TONS of mushrooms and big chunks of grilled onions and with a sauce to die for over top! Really great! I have to introduce this dish to the rest of the family!!!

My little chihuahua, Doozey, is laying here all snuggly, and I am enjoying her so much before she has to be boarded for 2 days. I hate that she has to do that...but we can't take her with us, and I am already waiting for the minute we are re-united. I am crazy over her. She is just my sugar baby. Let me see if I can find a good pic of her for tonight...hold on!

Oh, here is an old pic of her. She is cuter than this in real life (if such a thing is even possible)!!! LOL. I am planning on buying her a Harry Winston necklace just like the one Chloe wears in the chihuahua movie! Soon as I rob a bank anyway!!!

I may not talk to you for a few days...probably will check in on Sunday night.
Have a great weekend everybody!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Life is like a box of chocolates!

You never know what you will get"- Quote by Forrest Gump

How do you like this succulent chocolate box puzzle my Mom found for "us" to work on! She helped us start it, and, luckily my daugher has taken a slight interest and has been helping to fill it in. We put all the chocolate parts together first, and then the edge peices. It is actually quite pretty with all the colors and if only I could eat them all up!

I am in the mood for one of those chocolate/caramel/nuts covered apples on a stick. They ones that have so many coatings you can only eat a slice before being sick to your stomach!! We have a Kilwins Ice Cream and Candy shop here, and I saw some there (fresh made) about a month ago, and have never gotten the vision out of my head! It is a very fallish thing to have, if you ask me...and about the right time for me to get one...and chomp it down!

Still counting down the days to my 9 days off...2 more work days to go!!!

Pagoda saved

Well, I finally went outside and saved my poor Pagoda plants! I had more than this, and they just really couldn't take the summer heat. I delayed because I thought they would recover in the cooler temps of fall, but today, I just couldn't let them stay out there a minute longer! So.... here they are in their new kitchen windowsill apartment so I can keep an eye on them a while before they move out with all their cousins to the screenroom!!!

I have 3 days to work before I take off for a week. Ahhh...9 whole days of no voice mail, no phone calls, no paperwork. Ahhhhh...just dreaming away today!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Your favorite color!

I was looking up the meaning, and just general info about my favorite color, ORANGE. I came across this WEBSITE that lets you pick your favorite color from the sidebar to learn more about it. I liked everything it said about ORANGE! Give it a try, if you like!!!

Picture taken Oct. 10, 2008

"O suns and skies and clouds of June,
And flowers of June together,
Ye cannot rival for one hour
October's bright blue weather."
-unknown author

I took this picture the other day of a Royal Poinciana. It was so beautiful with the bright orange blooms, but then I found this poem that talks about the clear bright skies in October, and found that this was exactly true on this day!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Succulent surprises!

My cousin sent me this picture of an aeonium I gave her last Christmas. She has had it in her screenroom and it has grown tall and thin! I think it may have been looking for more light! What do you think? It also started growing roots out the sides of the stalk, so it probably needed more water than what I had told her to give it...once a month! fault really...but now she is going to cut it off down low and try possibly rooting the peice she cuts off. Maybe with more water and light it will stay more compact. It was a fun experiment so far!!! Thanks for sending the pic to me, cousin!!!

Now these next two pics are a plant I have been eyeing for a year! I finally had my camera to take a pic today at work! The gal who owned it just casually said "Oh...I wish you would take that plant"! "I'm gonna kill it...and if you don't take it, I'm gonna get rid of please take it home with you"!!! Well, I tried to argue with her and get her to keep it, but she insisted! I could not believe my good luck! This kalenchoe (? variety) has large leaves, and then is also surrounded by all the little frilly leaves! It had bloomed about 1 month ago, and I think the flowers were white. It was the sweetest thing imaginable!

I ended up giving the plant to a friend today, but I got about 4 cuttings off of it first! As soon as I got out of my car, I potted them up. So now it is just wait and see!

This last plant was a new one that same gal had! I was sort of hoping she would tell me to take this one as well...but alas, she did NOT! RATS!!! LOL. I think this may be a Hoya becasue the leaves are so waxy and thick! Each leaf on this baby was about 4 inches long and 3 inches wide!!!!! Lovely variegation too! I think I need one of these to be complete!!! If anyone knows if this is actually a Hoya, will you let me know??? Thanks!