Thursday, January 31, 2008

Kalanchoe tubiflora

Oh my goodness...I do feel like I am learning so much with my new Succulent book as far as being able to ID a bit more! It is very exciting! Here is what happened with this plant. I took a picture of it out in my tires. I felt it matched up with Kalanchoe tubiflora, in my book. The only thing was that the pic in the book had little adventitious buds on the ends of the leaves......I didn't think my plant had these until I looked at my photo....and lo and behold...they were there!!! Can you see them??? LOL. Funny how you don't sometimes see something till it nearly bites you in the buttocks!!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A bloom come true, and one that still needs to happen!

Well...sort of! They still aren't anything to write home about! I am such a big dork...I had seen the "Mother of Thousands" blooms in the wild, but never realized mine were just behind in their bloom now, mine have finally done a little bell magic!!! Up close and personal, it looks like something Cinderella might have planted around her castle!

Now...have a look at this picture of a stapeliad (?), or huernia(?).....this was a little twig some of you may have seen on my previous blog way back when. It has really grown quite a few stems...I am so happy to see it thriving! It has gotten some red coloration in the winter sun! The interesting thing about this is that I found another succulent in my new book (hee hee hee), and it looks like it could also be called Duvalia. There are 4 varieties of Duvalia...

1. Duvalia angustilobia, with dark brown flowers (this one is too short to be mine),

2. Duvalia elegans with red brown to brown flowers with a yellow brown whorl (has too short of stems to be mine),

3. Duvalia reclinate with green brown flowers (could maybe be mine), and

4. Duvalia polita with dark reddish-brown flowers (could be mine also)...LOL...

I can't stand how many different succulents it could possibly be. The cutting my sister in law originally gave me was about 6 inches long, and it came from a huge clump of these things that were growing straight up, and also hanging down the side of the planter! It was very pretty displayed like that...I can't wait to one day see my big, mature, humongous plant!!! It will help to see what color bloom it has as far as I.D.'ing it goes, for sure!

If it is a stapeliad, I think it looks closest to Stapeliad incomparabilis with purple red flowers, and if it is Huernia, I think it looks closest to Huernia aspera with red-brown flowers!
I can't wait for a bloom, gosh darn it! That will end the mystery...I hope!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Pretty seed envelopes to print out!

I came across this really cool site that lets you print out seed packet templates on your printer! Check it out at Blossom Swap. This is so great...I am heading back there now for some fun!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Well, today is Sunday, and what a lovely relaxing weekend I had! Well, half of it anyway!
On Saturday, I was exhausted most of the day...I got up too early, and then was unable to take any kind of nap, due to a chihuahua who would not stop barking! Goodness only knows what had her invigorated all day!
She redeemed herself when she slept all night and all the way up to 8:30 this morning!!! I never get to sleep that late. The cat cooperated in this as well...he was still asleep at our feet until that time! WOW!
I have felt like a new woman all day today!!!
My husband, daughter and I went out to lunch together, and then to Target, where I finished using up all of the remaining money on a few Target gift cards from Christmas! One of my purchases, was this really neat Echeveria hybrid called Etna (or so it was labeled)...After some research, I feel it may be called Tippy or possibly be a hybrid of Echeveria chihuahensis. It has silvery aqua lanceolate leaves with prominent rose spinose tips, which is the soft, harmless "spine-like" tip of the each leaf. I fell in love with it. It has a few slight blemishes, hence the cropped photo...she was shy and asked me not to show her blemishes!! LOL. My husband made some really great lamb stew tonight. Then my friend Karen came over and we made some ATC's (artist trading cards). She really got into it. I took a photo of the 2 she made and the one I made, and I placed them on a new blog called
Julie and Karens ATC's
I will add a link to this blog on the sidebar if anyone wants to have a look from time to time! The other great thing that happened to me tonight was Green Thumb from India Garden found me at the new address, and I am so happy. I was stupid and lost a few of my addresses (which in hindsight I should have saved, duh...)
Have a great week everyone!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

My second ATC collage!

Now I am not sure whether I still love Aiyana or if I really would rather strangle her!!! Ha ha ha...this is already, as Rosemarie calls it, an obsession! I was up at 4am (well, not SPECIFICALLY to make this card), but after being up a while and mopping floors...I went to work on it. I was finished by 6am. This one started out with the fairy cut out from a magazine, and since she is a pattern you COULD work with needle and thread, I decided she would be a needle fairy...then I came across pine she is sitting on a nest of them, and for the upper portion of the background I used 2 different pics of blue yarn, and it sort of gives the illusion of air or sky. Then I had a Valentine bit of stickers, and I found these 2 heart balloons to attach to the end of her wand! This one is really odd (and that matches my personality completely) I would probably never give her away! She is a character full of love, grace, and happiness...something I wish for us all.
Happy Saturday...

A pic for Old Susannah!

Here is the photo I had said I would post when asking/or telling about how I was going to use my camping lanterns on the tables for Christmas...I found these wreaths (I bought 2 because for Christmas I had 2 tables set up) Target for like 7 bucks each!!! I was so excited because they fit around the lanterns perfectly, and they just "made" the room! The tablecloth has a woodsy feel to it...and we had made a fire in the firepit a few nights while they were all here too, so it really felt "right", and cozy to me! Just wanted to be sure and show you the pic Sue!!!
I am leaving it just like this until it gets too hot to use the screenroom, around May or so. I am also leaving up the 2 strands of Christmas lights I hung in a swag style along the outer screenwall of the room...perfect for the whole Florida winter season.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Well today was a great Friday at work! As good as it was, I was happy when 5:00 rolled around. We went out to eat at a new restaurant here called Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza. Delish is all I can say! Then I came home and tried my hand at my first ever ATC collage. Mine isn't really mixed media, but more like a decoupage from magazine cutouts!!! LOL. I think it would be fun to incorporate some sewing into it. I have always loved hand sewing, and embellishment, so.....this should be right up my alley! If you want to find out about ATC collages, search Google and also look at IMAGES on's fun to see all the creative talent out there! My blogger friend, Aiyana from Water When Dry (see links) told me about this art form. Thanks Aiyana!!! Here is a pic of my first card. It has little tiny triangles of holographic glittery confetty like peices I cut from a strip along the edge of some stickers I had, to make it a little more showy. I think it is very adorable, if I do say so myself. I got my acceptance into a group that does ATC (Artist Trading Cards) on YAHOO tonight! They have groups that make and trade cards! I'm excited.

I also got a surprise in the mail tonight...a Succulent book for I.D.'ing plants! Man there are some gorgeous plants in very unususal places around the world! I need to order more, but I am having trouble with my thinks I don't have my "cookies" enabled...which I I can't order anywhere that you place something into a "shopping cart" because it has to recognize your cookies to work...I am totally unable to order from either Amazon or Powells Books right now because of this problem! I guess I will have to take my computer to the Geek guys over at Best Buy and see if they can get me fixed up!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Succulent WIFE!

Well, I couldn't believe my eyes tonight when looking around online at some artsy-kinda-stuff, and I came upon this website. If you feel like taking a pinch of time to look at some very artful gift items, check it out at The Succulent Wife
I have no pesonal interest in this company, I just fell in love with it's name, and the beautiful things it sells!
Here is what the site says about itself and it's product:


Have you ever bought an object for the sheer simple pleasure that you knew it would provide you? Have you ever known any talented women whose creations are so special that they deserve to be shared with the world?

As an artist-featured giftware design and distribution company, The Succulent Wife promotes women artists who wish to convert their creative passions into income-producing enterprises. We bring their products to the marketplace and offer the consumer objects that exude spiritedness and personality. The core concept behind The Succulent Wife Gift Company is to promote these talented and creative women. Our unique approach is to identify and celebrate the creator behind each object. We do that by highlighting them on the Web site and then, by delivering the gift items with a beautifully designed card that describes the artist and her work.

And, you ask, why “Succulence”? Oh, Succulence… as in truly tasting life, making it fascinating, exciting, fun, indulgent, even provocative and challenging. But please, never ordinary. We know that we strike a deep and tender nerve in women when we speak of “succulence”. We ALL long for more spiritedness in our lives, as creators and as consumers. This can be achieved through the addition of creativity, uniqueness and playfulness in our daily experience. Our products are designed to appeal to anyone seeking to bring a little – or a lot - of succulence into their lives as every single object is imbued with an attitude of fun, creativity and irreverence.

We can only hope that The Succulent Wife’s brand spiritedness will free consumers by allowing them to express their yearning for delectability and excitement through our products. So, please shop through our Web pages. They are full of great gift ideas. We know that you will find that oh-so-perfect gift for “her”, whether she be your mom, wife, best friend, girlfriend or daughter. Oh, and don't forget a little something for yourself!

Well, there you are...I love just looking, but who knows I may have to order the Beaded Heart Necklace...for myself!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

These are cute!

I have been admiring these succulents for a few months now. They reside in an office where I go to do work...people know the gal who works here, and they buy her succulents! I believe the top ones are in their original dish from the store...and amazingly they are all still looking well, even the one with the fake flower! I know from experience that that pot has no hole underneath, and the pebbles on top let in no water...or very little...I am watching to see how it goes. That tall green plant with red leaves coming out all around it is so adorable! I have never seen anything like it. I think I want one for myself, but am wondering if I will begin to be overflowing with too many...something I need to watch, for sure! I wanted all my succulents to be in my tire gardens, but now my front porch is overflowing, and I am starting with my picnic table in the backyard...AND have considered filling up my screenroom as well. Now, we all know this will never do. I must start to is hard...don't want me...arrrghhhh.......

A night at the fair!

Last night 2 friends and I went to the South Florida Fair. We wanted to go on that night to be able to see Jars Of Clay perform. They are a Christian rock band, and their songs play here quite often on the radio...but it was raining when they started playing, and we had to wait 30 minutes in the drizzle before they finally came we ended up deciding to move along. The admission to see them was included in the fair ticket.
I always enjoy the animal area of the fair the we saw all the pregnant, nursing, and all varieties of cows. We saw the horses, etc.
I bought a few things too. One was a really neat gadget for my husband. He is a long distance hiker, and many times he goes alone. It has an antler handle, and about a 5 inch length of magnesium, that burns at 5,400 degrees F, when you shave a little off the you can build a fire...even if the thing is wet!!! There is also a length of flint. You can see them here.
The other things I found were vegetables at a farmers market they had in the argiculture area. I have seen Sicilian eggplant before, but these were so pretty, I had to buy one for my husband and one for my Mom. The CHOCOLATE peppers I had not seen before, so I HAD to get them each one of these also. The farmer told me it is a special seed which creates the chocolate pepper (in other words, it is not a stage of color that a regular pepper goes through). I took a picture so you can see the brown coloration of it, and also see how pretty this Sicilian eggplant is! The photo really shows off the color!!! The farmer also told me that he believes the chocolate pepper is less sweet than a green, red, yellow, or orange one.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008 they are!

Golden Pagoda (I have always wanted this one...and now I have it)

Pygmy Velvet Plant (the one on the right is the one I have had for a while and has developed the darker pink color...the one on the left is my newest addition)

Aurora Borealis (this one I have seen develop to a very red color in the sun...will be watching faithfully to see it happen)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Rest of the story...

Sorry, I had to cut my earlier post short...had an appointment at the local Beauty School, for a glycolic peel, and facial. It took and hour, and it took years off my face...or at least it feels that way! Smooth as glass...

Anyway, the other plants I aquired today were
1. Crassula sp. variegata, Golden Pagoda
2. Sedum rubrotinctum 'Aurora', Aurora Borealis
3. Kalanchelo beharensis Minima, Pygmy Velvet Plant

These were placed in one of my succulent tires to replace and add to one area where I lost a plant...I took the last remaining peice, with roots, and am trying to save it in my kitchen ain't lookin good...sadly...

I can show you photos of my new plants tomorrow, hopefully. It started to rain harder and harder, and harder...until I finally had to quit and come in. I did get them all planted though...just not in enough time for a photo.

My new Aeonium Catlin Hybrid!!!!!

This amazing Aeonium is called "Bronze Tea Cup"! I just happen to work on a team at work called Bronze Team....we have all color named teams! Anyway this baby I found at Target tonight has charger plate size head on it!!! It says it will spread to cover a very large area, but I think I would like to keep it in a pot. It is absolutely stunning, and I am so proud to have it...I came right home and got it into a clay pot. OK...introducing...Ms. Bronze Tea Cup.....

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Hey...I had to show you these NO PUDGE brownies! All you do is mix up 1 small carton of yogurt,a tsp. of vanilla, and the brownie mix....bake at 350 for 34 minutes...and voila...perfect brownies...they are very low calorie (110 colories for 1/12th of pan), moist and brownie-ish...yummmmmmmmmm!

I transferred my Aptenia cordifolia (Baby Sun Rose)...I.D.'d by Cindy at Bug Safari (see links) into a thrift store find...a doggy planter with a hole drilled out. Thanks Cindy! He looks very handsome in the corner of my kitchen...but only long enough to take a picture...he goes back out on the front porch for some sunshine during the day. He only came in for the photo shoot. Doesn't he look strikingly like my real-life puppy, LullaBelle (alias Doozy) below???

Last night, my friend Karen, my Mom, and I sat out on screen porch, in the cool summer's night, and made homemade valentines! We had such a nice was a lot of fun...many of the supplies we already owned...just took a trip to the craft store for a few embellishments...anyway, I think they all turned out is a sampling of a few of mine. My husband made us grilled talapia, fingerling potatos and asperagus, which we ate with a lovely glass of different wines left over from Christmas!!! A night to remember, for sure!

Well, right after I finished telling Rosemarie (see my links) that I don't usually bother to mess with posting my photos LEFT of RIGHT, here I am doing it! I took these pictures yesterday...the bright sun of winter is really bringing out the color in a few of my you can see my last post of Flippin Flapjacks is so RED! It is not usually like this in summer...but then again I have only had it through one summer, and maybe it has needed all this time to develope it's dark shade. Same for this beauty above, which I used to think was a kalanchoe of sorts, but now I am thinking is a crassula! Ha ha I know names, of what??? It is not my forte, obviously! I keep putting off buying books to use for identification thinking my obsession will not last. For those of you who have been reading my blog (or blogs) a while, you know how fickle I can be! I think I will go to Water When Dry's blog (see links), and order some books through her Amazon link right now!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Favorite song at the moment:

We live, we love,
we forgive and
never give up,
Cuz the days we are given
are gifts from above
And today we remember
to live and to love

-lyrics to the chorus of Superchick song, "We Live"

Good Saturday morning!!!

Well, trying to get a good shot at these aloe blooms is like trying to catch lightning in a bottle! The color is very pretty...a salmony shade. You can see the color in the top photo taken from above, and then a side view below.

My grass is going to the birds! We have been under tight watering restrictions for about a year now, and it got difficult to water due to the times allowed...(4am-8am, for example)...and my pump sits right outside my daughters bedroom,and it is loud enough to wake her, so I chose not to water at all, except to get what Mother Nature provided. We are supposed to have a rainy week coming up...seems like the good Lord provides just in time to keep my yard from TOTAL destruction!

Friday, January 18, 2008

A new life...

Hello again! I don't know why I am so much intrigued by blogging, but I don't want to give up reading (OR SHARING) new name is A Succulent Life, which is to include all areas of my life and thoughts...not just plants necessarily. defines it as:

1. full of juice; juicy.
2. rich in desirable qualities.
3. affording mental nourishment.
4. (of a plant) having fleshy and juicy tissues.
5. a succulent plant, as a sedum or cactus.

My little teacup has served as home for now 3 seperate I redistributed what was in there, and put in 3 little babies, who are saying "I wonder what we will be when we grow up"???

I also recieved some cuttings and a few rooted peices of this variegated pothos (Epipremnum aureum 'Marble Queen')...they are common household plants, but I have never seen one with this coloration before...mostly a near white, with speckling of green...very pretty!!! I believe this plant in all of it's varieties could become an obsession of mine! I have a solid green one outside on my porch right needs friends...or should I say "cousins"!

I plan to take individual photos of my plants and post them, and I have a few things happening suddenly, in the succulent tires a blooming aloe, that you must see....probably tomorrow morning!