Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A night at the fair!

Last night 2 friends and I went to the South Florida Fair. We wanted to go on that night to be able to see Jars Of Clay perform. They are a Christian rock band, and their songs play here quite often on the radio...but it was raining when they started playing, and we had to wait 30 minutes in the drizzle before they finally came we ended up deciding to move along. The admission to see them was included in the fair ticket.
I always enjoy the animal area of the fair the we saw all the pregnant, nursing, and all varieties of cows. We saw the horses, etc.
I bought a few things too. One was a really neat gadget for my husband. He is a long distance hiker, and many times he goes alone. It has an antler handle, and about a 5 inch length of magnesium, that burns at 5,400 degrees F, when you shave a little off the you can build a fire...even if the thing is wet!!! There is also a length of flint. You can see them here.
The other things I found were vegetables at a farmers market they had in the argiculture area. I have seen Sicilian eggplant before, but these were so pretty, I had to buy one for my husband and one for my Mom. The CHOCOLATE peppers I had not seen before, so I HAD to get them each one of these also. The farmer told me it is a special seed which creates the chocolate pepper (in other words, it is not a stage of color that a regular pepper goes through). I took a picture so you can see the brown coloration of it, and also see how pretty this Sicilian eggplant is! The photo really shows off the color!!! The farmer also told me that he believes the chocolate pepper is less sweet than a green, red, yellow, or orange one.


Vientos del Pueblo said...

hello Julie, Desde Getafe, Madrid, EspaƱa saludos

Ginny said...

aw I totally miss the SF fair!!...those veggies look so yummy

Wicked Gardener said...

The fire starter thingy looked cool - I sent the link to an outdoorsy friend. Thanks.

Julie said...

Very good really is an unltra cool gadget!!! I want one now!! LOL

Julie said...

Sorry, I meant ULTRA cool!

Anonymous said...

I had the Chocolate Pepper once. I found it to taste ever so slightly like chocolate. A very different taste. I've also had red, yellow, green & the chocolate. Pimento peppers are different than the regular red bells. They are shaped different too. They are not as sweet but they are good.