Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A bloom come true, and one that still needs to happen!

Well...sort of! They still aren't anything to write home about! I am such a big dork...I had seen the "Mother of Thousands" blooms in the wild, but never realized mine were just behind in their bloom now, mine have finally done a little bell magic!!! Up close and personal, it looks like something Cinderella might have planted around her castle!

Now...have a look at this picture of a stapeliad (?), or huernia(?).....this was a little twig some of you may have seen on my previous blog way back when. It has really grown quite a few stems...I am so happy to see it thriving! It has gotten some red coloration in the winter sun! The interesting thing about this is that I found another succulent in my new book (hee hee hee), and it looks like it could also be called Duvalia. There are 4 varieties of Duvalia...

1. Duvalia angustilobia, with dark brown flowers (this one is too short to be mine),

2. Duvalia elegans with red brown to brown flowers with a yellow brown whorl (has too short of stems to be mine),

3. Duvalia reclinate with green brown flowers (could maybe be mine), and

4. Duvalia polita with dark reddish-brown flowers (could be mine also)...LOL...

I can't stand how many different succulents it could possibly be. The cutting my sister in law originally gave me was about 6 inches long, and it came from a huge clump of these things that were growing straight up, and also hanging down the side of the planter! It was very pretty displayed like that...I can't wait to one day see my big, mature, humongous plant!!! It will help to see what color bloom it has as far as I.D.'ing it goes, for sure!

If it is a stapeliad, I think it looks closest to Stapeliad incomparabilis with purple red flowers, and if it is Huernia, I think it looks closest to Huernia aspera with red-brown flowers!
I can't wait for a bloom, gosh darn it! That will end the mystery...I hope!


Ginny said...

That is really pretty!

Anonymous said...

Julie, you are so knowledgeable about these succulents! I'm very impressed. I like the look of those mauvy flowers very well. And that second photo looks like baby dragons hatching from those pearly "eggs"

Anonymous said...

I'll do some research too!

Julie said...

Hi Ginny!

Nikkipolani- LOL...I had to look twice to see what you saw! You are right!!!

Sue...please do help me...I cannot wait to see this baby bloom!!!

Anonymous said...

Does it look similar?

Julie said...

Sue...this photo looks like the Mother of Thousands blooms, yes!!!