Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My linked double chain cactus in bloom!

I'm running late with my stitch for TAST, so will go ahead and post my free-form cactus in bloom, to show my example of a linked double chain embroidery stitch. This thing just evolved, as I am also a member of Teri's Cactus Monday and would have posted this on a Monday, but am behind schedule. it is anyway.

In regard to this stitch, I myself am hard pressed to find any good use for it. I do have to say that I think it sort of looks like raffia to me, and also that it is a good fill-in stitch, and that it can end up looking amazing at times, as evidenced by all the other wonderful stitchers who show their stuff over at Pin Tangle!

My final thought on this project is that even though I really had a time with this stitch, and harbored bad feelings toward it, my cactus ended up looking kind neat (to me). I'm just sure it is done all wrong, but I hope you all enjoy it!
xoxo- Julie

Roses after the rain!

I looked outside today...after two days of wind and rain...and saw my roses looking good! I cut a few to make a bouquet. I use a small vase perfect for minature rose cuttings. Aren't they sweet???

Monday, August 27, 2012

Doozey and Link Link

Yesterday, with the wind and rain affects from tropical storm Issac, my friend, Karen, over at Karen's Kale and I went shopping! We found these cute Halloween collars (they are really for cats), for our little doggies. Here is Doozey modelling hers. She hates it. I doubt she will ever wear it again, as I hate putting things on her if she doesn't like it. But, makes for a cute picture, eh???

Here is her puppy, Malinka (Link-Link), a pomeranian, and I'm sure he will be showing us a picture of himself with his collar on too, on her blog, soon! Ain't he a doll? Just nothing but a bit of fluff! He weighs about 4 pounds now, I think. His little merle self is just too adorable.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

More embroidered flowers using the Pekinese Stitch

I just love this stitch!  We have been having rain for two days already, due to the tropical storm over Cuba right now. It comes in rain bands, and it will be all or nothing. This morning we had one, so it was a good time to sew and drink coffee.

I had made the blue flower yesterday, but this morning I added the yellow french knots for the center.

Then I decided to do some holiday inspired flowers, so the 4th of July, Halloween, and Christmas colored ones were created.

This was so much fun!!! Hope you enjoy my cute flowers.

Xoxo- Julie

Friday, August 24, 2012

TAST, the Pekinese Stitch

I finally had a few minutes to sit down and try my hand at a practice Pekinese Stitch for the TAST (Take A Stitch Tuesday) group over at Sharon's Pin Tangle, where embroiderers around the world unite to take on different stitch challenges. Luckily, beginners like me can also participate. I love reading the comments section of the post to see everyone's contributions.
Here is a little practice stitch I did...kinda a loose one, but you can easily see the mechanics of the stitch.

Then I decided to use it to make petals around one of the flowers in my little current project. I used really small back stitches around the middle of the slower, to make smaller petals.

I like this stitch so is a very versatile one, as you can make the looped part as big or as tight as you like, you can run it in a straight line, or go around curves! I dare say, you could do an entire embroidery project using this one stitch, no doubt about it...and I really feel like this is something I will do in the future.

If you want to participate in Sharon's Pin Tangle(this link will take you directly to the TAST challenge page), please is so much fun!
xoxo- Julie

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My sweet variegated gasteria

I was passing by my succulent area from outside the screenroom, and looking in, I re-discovered my love for variegated plants! My Gasteria has a newish looking solid yellow bit growth in it, which I could only see from the backside of the plant! I suppose I should pay them more attention, even when it is so hard to spend much time out there in this heat!  I will make it up to them in a few months!!!  I promise.

Here are a back and front view of this outstanding specimen! I paid a bit more for it a few years ago, but felt in my heart then, as i do now, such happiness just gazing at it's beauty!

Thankyou quiet little sweet gasteria!!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Hardy Mallow Hibiscus, and a neat art wreath

Well, hello again! It has been a busy started today for the grand kids, and daughter-in-law at her brand spankin new office job which she is loving! Yeah! Back to the sort of normal yearly grind around here.

When hubby and I drove to Lakeland last weekend, we came upon these giant, sort of Hibiscus-looking flowers...only thing was they had a different kind of look to them, they are huge (the size of my hand) and they have a different purple they are a big mystery to me...but I will tell you with all sincerity, that I WANT SOME OF THESE!!! I love the dark leaves...and these appeared so healthy, I was inspired that, I too, could make these flowers grow in my own yard!

Mystery solved: These are called Hardy Mallow Hibiscus, as best I can tell, and are only hardy in zones 3-9. That is why I do not see these super giants down here in zone 10! Sadly, they will not be for me...:(

When touring my grandsons new school, we found this wreath on the art room door!!! I just instantly loved it, and thought quite a few of you might as well. His new school is open, airy and very homelike. I really love it. His school (my old alma mater) is being torn down and a new one built to replace it, so for 2 years they will be in this other location. The whole building is under air, so not much walking outside except for P.E. and band room. NICE, specially in this horrid heat!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Random stuff...

Well, this will post on Sunday because it is just after midnight.....but on Saturday my sweet husband decided we could drive across Florida, to Lakeland.....and surprise my cousin for her birthday. We will drive back home tomorrow.

Yes, we are back in Florida, after returning from my Mother In Law's memorial service and getting to see my stepsons and family in Louisiana.

I am posting from my cell phone, so my pictures will be random.

Today, while driving across the state, we hit rainy patches, and the sky was various shades of gray, blues, and bright whites. I took a few shots....the pictures do not do it was really gorgeous!

The one picture is my other granddaughter, Georgia Ann. She is posing with all of her My Little Ponies, and her dog, Mack (a schnauzer/yorkie mix). He is a very sweet boy. We had a great time playing together, and we watched the movie Megamind, which is her favorite at the moment.....she finds is extremely funny!!!  Georgia is 6 years old....and loves Mexican food, steak and onions, and pizza.....

I'm going to miss that girl.

The picture of the sign was one we saw in a cajun restaurant in it. I hope you can read it. I e-mailed it back home to my daughter and daughter in law to let them see they are looking for good women in that state!!!!!!! Ha.

The little wooden sign with the very old bisque dolly, was set up at my MIL's memorial....that was her childhood doll. It was so sweet. 
I told my SIL, that if she was ever going to get rid of it, i would love to have it. My daughter would love to have it as part of her doll collection.

Anyway, it is good to be back home, and now back to the job of everyday living again!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend....and that no matter what is happening in your life, that you have faith and hope for the future that God promises.

Xoxo- Julie

Saturday, August 4, 2012

A little embroidery for you!

My Mother in law passed away a few days ago, so I am in Shreveport, LA right now...

In my free early morning and late evening hours I have done a little more on my butterfly peice. This one is relaxing because i am just filling in or highlighting the pre-existing pattern in the fabric (lazy mans way).

Yesterday my sister in law and I were out shopping and I came upon these linen towels by a company called Mud Pie. The lobsters were emboidered almost entirely of french knots!!! I want to check out Mud Pie online because a large portion of what they had in this store were lobster items.

I am posting on my cell phone, so pics may be out of order.

Xoxo- Julie