Monday, October 28, 2013

My new sitting area with succulents and flowers!

I was so fortunate that I had two daughters go with me to pick out flowers for a new area outside.  I recently had the bottom of my screen-room enclosed and the back concrete power-washed.  The weather is cooling down and I was inspired to empty all my 5 gallon buckets, and fill with flowers. and one daughter thought a mix of pinks would be nice.  So voila, pinks!  I am thinking of ways to wrap something around the buckets to make them pretty and unified so if anyone has any good idea, feel free to share them with me!  My one idea is to buy short twig fencing- like stuff that comes on a roll and wrap each bucket with it. Another idea would be to wrap each one in burlap.  I even thought of getting pink tee shirts and placing them over the buckets (from thrift store or garage sales). I would prefer any mildew proof ideas, though!!!
I need a new table.
Starting small with this cinder-block succulent area.
The TIRE garden is mainly going to be flowers now.  These bits were transplanted out of the tires.
I found one chocolate soldier underneath some overgrown area, so it is relocated to the back right corner of the front right block below!  Can't wait to see it grown, as I had lost track of it before.  Nice surprise to find some!
Front yard Halloween touches!

Enjoy the cooler air everyone!  I know I am!
Love, Julie

Saturday, October 26, 2013

A view from my kitchen window this morning!

How did I get so blessed to be surrounded by these yellow "Mexican Sunflowers". Well, other than the backbreaking work of transplanting them from my Moms house to here (all except this one which belongs to my neighbor).
This is one of the times of year these babies really put on shows in south Florida! The gorgeous blue skies and puffy white clouds are such the perfect backdrop!
They are scrubby looking on the bottom, but so much of our tropical stuff is, that I've gotten used to it. 

Sure hope everyone will be having lovely weekends, filled with love and fun.

P.S. To all of my Australian friends, I've decided to start saving for a trip there. Probably to the home of Inspirations Magazine, for some stitching fun (classes)! If I ever get there, you all best come meet me! You know who you are!!!! If any of my American stitching Blogger friends want to fly over with me......
(just sayin.......) Probably a 5 year plan.

XOXO- Julie

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cinder-block garden ideas

I saw a few unique and fun ideas for cinder-blocks, and thought I might "need" this couch!!!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Using cinder-blocks to make a small succulent garden

Pictures soon.  I have felt so wiped out the past few days, and haven't had much energy to spare.  I just realized that it may be related to Diet Coke withdrawal.  Less caffeine.  I have been drinking more herbal tea (Lemon Zinger) and hot apple ciders.  I MUST NEED CAFFEINE! Ran completely out of the Diet Coke a few days ago and have also been trying to drink just more plain old good old-fashioned WATER. After a deep relaxing sleep tonight I will be ready for a few cups of coffee! LOL.

I am arranging the cinder-blocks that used to be part of an outdoor shelf, alongside of my driveway, and am simply filling the holes with cactus soil and adding succulents. We had had a week of really nice cool, dry air and now it is back to hot and humid.  My husband even came home from work exhausted.  Today was his first day working in the field, and the heat and humidity really got to him.  He works half the year inside the office, and half outside. Luckily the outside half is during the cooler time of year.  It just hasn't quite reached that point yet.

I went over and weeded my Moms whole huge front garden today too (along with my brother), which has aided my exhaustion by this evening.  Afterward, I went inside Moms house and looked through a huge box of family pictures from over the years, and found some of the ones involving my Dads side of the family.  My brother and I (and hopefully, my sister) will be attending my Dad's sisters 90th birthday party this year in Iowa, and it will also be a nice family reunion.  I think I found the most perfect thing today.  A picture of my Uncle (who is also 90), with my Dad, and Aunt and they are in their 20's and they are on the beach flexing their muscles like muscle men!  It is hilarious and I think it may be a picture possibly none of the family has seen before. (It was taken before any of us cousins were ever born). I am going to get it enlarged and put onto a canvas.  I think everyone will enjoy it.  It is PRICELESS!!!

The Windows 8 doesn't bother me much, as I basically skip over the screen of APPS, and click onto the desktop and voila...just a normal setting for me. I'm glad.  I was a little worried I would hate it, and it's OK.

Well, I hope to show you my new mini succulent garden when I get it done.  I wish a cold snap would blow through tonight!
xoxo- Julie

Friday, October 18, 2013

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!  This is the big 5-7!!! 57 years old. WOWZERS!  Time flies, but I've had a lot of fun!!!  I decided the first little drawing in my new succulent journal should be on this day as it was a birthday gift!  Emily's little otter was sitting about so I drew her in the sux.  Just a quickie.  I wrote down a quick little hiaku too!

Things that are too cute for words.
Happy Birthday, Jules!

Check out my last post to see what I got for my birthday last night!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Been stayin busy.....

Sorry it has been a while since I posted. I had this post half completed before going out to dinner for my birthday with my brother and SIL tonight! Had to do this tonight to show off the gifts they gave me, which were just THE BEST!

Here is my newest granddaughter, Audrey, now 8 months old. Below she is checking out the menu at Juno Fish House. I thought she might order one of everything there for a minute! ;)

Here she is over visiting and she absolutely LOVED the hand carved toys by my friend, Mary at PokeberryPatch. They are made with food grade wax coloring so safe for little mouths! They were her favorite toys and fit her little hands so perfectly! Thanks again, Mary!

Here are the older grands, Donovan and Emily building a dam in the driveway! We had just gotten new fence sections at the front sides of the house, and prior to that we had to remove all the jasmine that was all over the old chain link. I know, I wanted to cry! Anyway, they gathered up some of the left over twigs, and made this little dam. Donovan was so excited that it was slowing the flow of water from the hose! One of those Hallmark moments!
Here they are running around just before they flooded the driveway and played in giant mud puddles requiring Grandma Julie to give immediate tubs baths after all the folly!!!!  My neighbor has such fun out there with them, too!!!
Now I had to get a picture of this rare moment of cooperation where they watched the same show on Netflix on daughters IPAD for all of 3 whole minutes! :)
Now this is the latest addition to this post. We went to this devine little Italian restaurant, called Divino's in North Palm Beach/Juno. Never have I had food like this before! It was heaven, that's all I can tell you! Thanks bro and sis!!!!!!!

These are surprises they brought me!  A huge Vera Bradley tote in one of my favorite patterns!!!!!!!!!!!! Just in time for a few trips coming up too! It is a dreamy bag with loads of space and just so gorgeous!!!!!!!
The book in the middle is a journal with succulent plants doodled inside and out! It seriously took my breath away!!!!! Maybe my EDM's can go in here! Well, actually they will!!!!! I will be so inspired now!!!
Here is the cutest little thing! A flower press!!!!!! It says on the box that it is perfect size to tuck in a backpack or book bag!!!!! OMG! This is so sweet. I have never had a flower press!!!!!  It is called a Petite Posy Press.....(and under that it says ever so sweetly "preserve prized petals"). Nearly makes you cry. This baby is going in my handbag so that I will be ever ready to preserve my petals! You seriously never know when you will come upon one! I am not being silly. I am serious. This has become my new hobby! Starting now!  
One of my favorite candy bars, made by Nestle, but only in Canada! They bring them home for me and I'm sure it is how I keep my dainty, girlish figure!!!!
Now check out this card my SIL made! She makes them from photos she takes! This photo is stunning!
So, other than these delicious happenings, I have had a second accident with my car, and no one was in it when it happened. My car was parked at a shopping center and a semi truck took out my rear taillight and bumper!  Luckily he came forward and is taking care of the costs. Let me tell you, if someone hits you, make sure you know the costs of repairs before you let them walk away. I figured it might cost 50-100 dollars to repair, but due to the cost of the taillight assembly, it cost 750 bucks! And I am not even repairing the bumper. 

We have finished turning a back bedroom into a home office for my husband, (from a purple princess room). Big changes there. We had rotting wood in door frame to outside, and needed room painted and doors put on closet.

Then had wood scraped by hand to prep for painting in our carport. Just the prep between pressure washing and hand scraping took two full days for 2 young men. 

Now we are having the lower portion of screen room closed in to make it critter-proof. No more snakes or opossums in there!!!!! Thank you very much!!!!!

Oh and another thing. We just upgraded (at least I think it was an upgrade) to a Windows 8 desktop computer. So far I am not so keen on the APPS and wish it opened up directly to the desktop! There may be a way to configure it, and if anyone knows how, please let me know!!!!!  

Hope everyone is well. Leave me a comment and tell me how you are doing. Love all my blogger peeps! Love your blogs, and love ya'll too!

God bless!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

EDM # 13-Draw your Phone

Landline more interesting than cell. I haven't drawn since 2010. Really out of practice! 
This was fun. Rudimentary, but fun. Amazingly relaxing.
I'm hoping to get back into EDM. I draw them as I can. A two year break is a long time. Follow along in Everyday Matters in my sidebar. There are a total of 328 everyday objects to draw in Danny Gregory's list. I'm only up to 13. I believe I may have skipped drawing sunglasses. Maybe one day, but WOWZERS that seems it would be very difficult! I'm  tired tonight. Off to sleep now!!! Later.....

Friday, October 4, 2013

Update on bathtub stains....

Guess what took those stains right out of the fiberglass tub, as talked about in my last post)???  Instantly.  We sprayed hair spray on them and wiped with a wet cloth.  It was magic!  We did try peroxide and Magic Eraser prior to this.  WOW!  Thank God!  My daughter found this solution online somewhere.  God bless the internet!!!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

An honest review of pretty little pens! A wolf in sheep's clothing.

We found these pens in the clearance rack at Staples, and thought they looked COOL. With a 2 dollar price I figured what have we got to lose? Well, turns out I had 2 dollars to lose, plus a lot more!
These pens break open easily, allowing god forbidden ink to stain whatever it falls on, which includes my floor, tub (don't ask), and clothing. Bright ink too!!!!! Wonderously bright ink!!!
Had to throw away 1 shirt of Emily's, my tub is stained forever as I am deathly allergic to bleach! I have rubbed and rubbed with Magic Eraser after getting the bulk off with soap and water. It is a fiberglass tub so cannot use abrasives.
These pens really fool you the first time you pull one out. They write so smoothly and you think they are wonderous! But then the globbing starts and well, you know. Definitely no good. Sorry to have to say that, Rainbow brand. Of course they are not marked as permanent, but actually they probably could claim that, just not in a good way.

I sat down to draw my glue stick, and that was where I found my results.
One good thing is that these pens do have bright vibrant ink, and I tested on paper...once it dries, I could not smear it....not even with a wet finger! Yes, looks very permanent! Even the blobs! This is a coloring page just filled in with the ink colors.

On a positive note, here are a few flowering plants I took pictures of in my neighbors back yard.  Isn't this a gorgeous pink???  WOWZERS!  These are growing in gardening zone 10.
Below came from Hawaii she says.  She took a cutting while there and this thing is huge and loaded with flowers!
I love ginger!