Saturday, January 28, 2012

Some love from Dubai!!!

My blogging pals, Deepa and LiL A sent me such an amazing package all the way from Dubai. Thank-you both so much!

The package itself has stamps from there that I can add to my stamp collection!!! I am super excited about that!

I hope I can tell you everything she sent. The finger puppets were a big hit with the kids. The story of these characters was on the back of the cool.

They sent cards, a beautiful bookmark that is so neat...I am already using it in my new book.

A Christmas card and fishy magnet that Deepa made that Deepa!!! Thanks for sending the card I had picked as my favorite on your blog...that was a sweet surprise.

The little blue pouch had a sweet bracelet and cute little star earrings that LiL A sent to Emily!!!

You cannot believe how long I have wanted to try quilling...and now I have no excuses...since they also sent me a book on how to!!! I must try before I have to get back to work!

I cannot tell you a bigger thank-you from all of us to you, Deepa and LiL A!!! We just love everything!!!!!

X o x o...Julie, Emily and Donovan

Oh...and the peacock card with hearts was drawn by Lil A and sent to that not the sweetest card ever??? We love it Lil A!!!!!

Side note: Please don't look at our old diningroom table turned crafting table...complete with holes, scratches, paint, markers, glue and everything in between on it. We love that we are not careful with it...having fun just beating it up even more.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A little birdie love!

This little sugar lives at my old job location. I am here now turning in my supplies, (my last day was yesterday) and seeing this bird makes it all bittersweet!

I pray you are all happy and well. I am! Heading out for some freedom sunshine and lunch with daughter.

X o x o Julie

Monday, January 23, 2012

Here is a question for all the women out there...

Have any of you ever (over your lifetime) wish that you had or had had a place where you could go late at night, maybe after the kids were asleep, or husband was asleep...or maybe just wanted a place if you were go and meet with friends (or stranger, soon to be friends) to craft late into the night???

I have always had this idea that I wish there was some amazing place to just take my craft and go...after the world had quieted down in the evening, just to work on ...laughing and having fun.

If you had something like this right down the way a bit, would you be tempted to check it out, alone or with a friend???

My daughter in law had an idea for a shop I could own, and that brought out the memory of what I longed for over the years! I would like to see a crafting space, available from around the time people get off work, until about 3am. I believe a juice/coffee bar would be involved...and snacks!

What would you think of this? I would love to hear your ideas! Any crafty guys would be welcome as well.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Garden fun and an awesome handmade beer chandelier!

Today I took out all my corn plants, and planted a lovely mix of looseleaf lettuce seeds by Burpee. I'm gonna have a ton of lettuce.

I planted a huge 3 ft. tub, 3 five gallon buckets and 2 tires worth! Should be salad heaven here shortly!
Here is what my package says:
Lettuce, Looseleaf Blend
Five favorites in one pack.
Burpee Exclusive
Five classic lettuce types and textures in a range of colors: Black Seeded Simpson, Lolla Rossa, Green Ice, Buttercrunch and Mighty Red Oak. These lettuces are all as beautiful as they are delicious and make for delightful salads, rich in color, flavor and texture.
How do you like the white Gretel eggplants...they really do grow in clusters!

The experimental potatoes in a tall outdoor garbage can, using sawdust as a growing medium is approaching the top of the can! They are getting bushier, and I can't wait to see them all bushed out the top in their glory. I will wait until they flower and completely die....then harvest whatever might be in there. Can't wait!

My kale is finally starting to just sat there for a month...I was starting to wonder if it was ever gonna start movin!!!

We are having dinner here tonight and discovered these chandeliers made by the owner of the BBQ place, called Park Ave. BBQ. He has made two of these babies that he has hanging up in his restaurant...the bulbs inside change colors too! They are so awesome! I just had to show you this!!!

Well...hope everyone has a great weekend...think of me out there working away!

X o x o...Julie

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Something made of felt that I can never part with

With my newly re-kindled love for felt projects...I suddenly tonight wanted to show you a project I worked on with my daughter years ago in her 9th grade biology class.  I was so pleased with how our giant cell pillow turned is proudly displayed in our livingroom...never to be least until I die! Hehehe. We actually did this the night before it was due...and we used what we had around the house. The nucleus used to be one of those squishy rubbery rings that flashed lights when you squeezed it. We cut off the ring part and glued it down. That was one awesome nucleus...(I just sat a rock in it's place as it probably disentegrated over time....

The key as to what every part was is still attached!

Just thought some of you would enjoy seeing it, and of course now it is preserved on my blog!

With the last day of my work coming up...I first intend to thoroughly clean my house...fix up my garden and succulents, search for a job...and sew some cute felt projects! In that order.   :)

Xoxo- Julie

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A cute heart for your sweetheart!

I found the cutest idea on a blog I read daily (she makes crafty items out of things around the house, and I'm telling you I think she is a genius)!!! Here is her post about making a heart from a tunafish can, and under that a picture of the one the kids and I made for their Mom. Cute is all I can say! Thanks Camilla!

The “Uncanny Heart” Bowl | Family Chic by Camilla Fabbri

This little heart...

Looks some better...has more of the shape than the previous ones and it is done a little tighter for a neater appearance. I always have a love/hate relationship with crochetting...I want to keep forcing myself to learn...I mean really learn (so I could be like Vanna White)...but then it pisses me off so badly, I stop again. The good news is that I do keep giving it a go at least once or twice a year.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A new cell phone sleeve for....


It did not start out this be a well recognized character...but one thing led to another...and viola...

Of course you may not recognize who this is because I think she ended up with a sort of pig nose due to stitching! Oh well...I love her anyway...

She was a co- idea with my grandson, Donovan! The best part is that even though I have a rubbery feeling Otter Box cover on my phone, it still slips in and out with ease due to the smooth nature of the felt. Very cool.

What do you think...should I add a little detail (like lace, ric-rac, etc.) around the top or leave it plain?????


Friday, January 13, 2012

Random stuff...

Check out this huge lemon...someone gave it to me from their backyard has a few seeds,  but it is solid juice. I made a lemon pie and only used the little section and had enough! Now what can I make with the rest of it???

Check out this awesome eel we saw in a tank at a restaurant last night! I was mesmerized by it. Just so you know, Beluga whales do that to me too!!!

Anyone know what kind of eel this is???

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Oh, now what???

Well, as some of you may have heard, yes, I quit my job yesterday...well, gave my 2 weeks notice anyway! Now I can't sleep wondering what I will do from here. I don't have a new job lined up, but we can live on one salary for a while. I have applied for one, now if they would just call me and love me...I think it would be a perfect job for is a teaching job. I won't say much yet, so as not to jinx anything...but keep your fingers crossed!

I felt the weight of half the world lift off my shoulders from the moment I knew I would give my notice! Today I actually went out to visit my plants and I enjoyed spending time with them (I had no time before). I find everything seems like brand new again for seeing the night sky, noticing small things again.

Life can be absolutely ruined when you get too busy and over stressed to enjoy it anymore.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

This, after 5 tries with different patterns!

I have been working on this since before is so hard for me, but I am determined that before this day ends, I will crochet a perfect small heart.

Here is the one I used for this particular one!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I bought myself some pens!

I couldn't resist! I was at Michael's with my friend, Karen tonight. I saw a cute flower stamp on sale. Then I saw these LePlume II pens. They are double ended with an ultra fine tip at one end and brush tip on other end. Not on the same level as the Copic, but a lot of fun, none the less!

I have not ever been a stamper, but figured I could get a few that could be versatile and use in different projects.

I had gotten my new issue of Organic Gardener today and decided to gussy up one of the subscription cards.

Looking forward to more cheap, trampy art in the future!

Oh...I had to call off work for tomorrow...I have laryngitis! Gonna go play with my Mom's new Nook Tablet instead...and rest my voice at the same time!

X o x o- Julie

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Garden shots on 1st day 2012!

I missed posting these this morning after I walked around and took a few shots outside of some of my treasures. The day passed by, and it has slipped over into Jan. 2 before I could make this post. Oh well...had a wonderful day. Perfect weather here in south, breezy, and clear skies. I just had to show you all a few things...
My blooming Kalanchoe blossfeldiana:

A vine that is growing on the porch...I've been training it in and around and through the chairs! Ha! The silly part of me (a big part) loves this so much!!!

My hibiscus are finally blooming!!!

Some freeloading white periwinkles coming up in between my tires...but do I mind? Naw...

A few succulents shots:

I believe these are blooms on a "Mother In Laws Tongue". Anyone know for sure? I couldn't get close enough to see what they were coming off of, but husband said he saw some earlier in another location in the yard. These are along my back fence.

A few last blooms on a chysanthemum:

The ti plants are blooming too!

These fall out nearly year round from our back yard Sapodilla tree:

Some new eggplants coming along...Gretel variety:

A day late and a dollar short...these beautiful bells came just after Christmas...maybe to ring in the new year??? This is my Kalanchoe tubiflora.

Zinnias and Impatients in two tires:

And, last but not potato experiment...which is going very well so far! This shot is looking down into an outdoor plastic garbage can with potato plants inside. I have 6 inches of Miracle Gro soil in bottom of can (there are drainage holes covered with screen in bottom of can). Then as the plants grow taller, I am putting all natural pine wood shavings (instead of soil) in there to give the plants a medium to grow tons of potatos in. I fertilized with Miracle Gro Liquid water soluable stuff, and they grew about 6 inches in 3 days!!! So far, so good. Am really going to be hoping for an awesome haul from this can in a few months! I will have pics and lots of friends and family for the unveiling!!!

Happy upcoming week to you all! xoxo- Julie