Thursday, February 28, 2013

A birdbath bouquet!

Today I went to hang my lightweight bird feeder in the "Mexican Sunflower" bush-tree, and I cut this one spray of sunflower and a few buds out. I laid it into my birdbath to keep the cut end moist since I thought I would put it in a vase inside. Well, then I discovered a large couple of sprays of the pink Drift Roses, and I cut and also placed in birdbath. After getting them in there I thought they were so pretty, I decided to leave them as an outdoor bouquet. I see this from my kitchen window, and it is just lovely!!!!! I will need to experiment with future flowers!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A little zen from a busy house grandmother!

Rested a few minutes between laundry loads and driving hither and yon, and picked up my Pigma Micron 005 and doodled a little zen. Phew....that was some power resting! Now off to do a Just Dance 4 dance with Donovan. He is pretty well recovered from his acute episode of bronchitis. Bye again......

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hi.  I am here, but have just not been having a lot of time last month or so to post.  I have from time to time, been visiting everyone's blogs.  I may not comment, but I am reading!  I have no pictures.  It is raining outside and is rather dreary here.  I am trying to get ready for the Great Backyard Bird Count, which starts on Friday (tomorrow).  I bought seed, and the darn squirrel came and ate EVERY seed in my feeder OVERNIGHT!  He is trying to eat up my seed block too, but I keep shoo-ing him away!  He is a rascal!   I will have to get back out to refill the feeder whenever it decides to stop raining.

This year, I have had my same bird friends coming by...a Cardinal couple, a bunch of male and female Painted Buntings, and 1 Cowbird.  Funny the darn Cowbird is always alone for the past 3-4 years.  I see a few Blue Jays.  Other than that I just have the water birds, like Ibis, Egrets, etc. come by in the front yard generally.  I am looking forward to the bird count though.

My new granddaughter, Audrey is doing well and is super cute and still so tiny!!!  She lives with her parents and I see her about once a week.

I am not having time for embroidery.  The one thing I did get to do is work on my world stamp collection two weekends ago.  I have told myself I can buy no more fun ones (topical; themed ones) until I get all the ones I already have in the book!  It requires a lot of steaming as most of mine are still on envelopes and have to be taken off and dry before I can put them in.

Today the grand kids both went to school with treats to share, and their Valentine cards of course.  Emily was dressed in a pretty little pink dress with hearts in the tulle overlay. All the little girls looked like princesses!  Both kids were VERY happy to go to school today!  What a change!  I am about to order us heart shaped pizzas for dinner from Papa Johns.  This is becoming a tradition for us.  I will make a salad to go with.

So, life goes on.  This is just one of my super busy periods.  I hope to be back posting regularly again soon!
xoxo- Julie

Monday, February 4, 2013

A dirty little secret!

Yes, I planted some artificial flowers in the front garden (Just for Valentines Day)!
YIKES! But are they just not perfect to spy from the road?

Friday, February 1, 2013

How to get Beautyberry seeds ready to plant

I found the suggestion online to place the berries in a colander and run them around with your fingers. It worked great. They are actually soft, and the skins popped right open and inside a bit of jelly-like material are these very tiny light tan colored seeds. I have them drying on a paper towel now in the windowsill. They are very tiny, as you can see them here. Once dry, I will place them in an labelled envelope ( or maybe a ziplock or sealed container would be best to keep them drier) and put in freezer until spring. I figure that might be the best time to plant them. Does anyone know when the best time might be considering I am in zone 10 (south Florida)???

See my last post for pictures of the cuttings I took yesterday! They are so beautiful, and were definitely named appropriately!