Friday, April 22, 2016

Hello to anyone who happens to come by!!!
How do you like this solidly CHROME Mercedes I saw today!  WOW!  I'm not sure I would want to see my reflection THAT MUCH!!!  It could be like a fun mirror tho, depending where you stood!  LOL.
 On my walk yesterday we encountered this Mamma and her babies!  So sweet!  The weather has been so nice lately...very sunny, warm, but cool in the shade, and breezy.  It kinda feels like what heaven might be like!
 Saw this poster on another of my walks yesterday.  It is a swing/hanging seat available at Pier 1.  I just think it is so cute, but I would have to hang it inside as it would get covered in mildew here in south Florida, or rot in the humidity, I think.  I sure wouldn't want to chance it!
Here are two travelers notebooks I made out of plastic place mats from the grocery store!  Have you seen the travelers notebooks?  They are so fun, as you insert different types of booklets inside, and they can include things like calendars, planner sheets, expense tracking sheets, coloring book sheets, diet and exercise, etc.  I have gotten involved with a few groups on Facebook, and love seeing what people are making, buying, and selling.  

 Most of them are made of various colors of leather, but some are faux leather, and fabric,
There are elastic cords running up and down inside the spine to slip your inserts into.
                                                            The little one is so adorable!
I am currently trying to make my brother a dark brown leather one, so will let you see it when I'm done.  Waiting for my 2mm elastic cording to get here from Hong Kong!
Here is a pretty cutting from my geranium.  
 And here is a pretty picture of my male Betta after seeing the female...he flares out his fins and tail, and looks so gorgeous for her!  Normally they don't see each other, because it wears him out, and he starts loosing parts of his tail and fins!
 These are just some random photos from my past few weeks.  I hope anyone reading this is doing well.  I miss you, my blogger peeps! Take care!  XOXO!  Julie