Sunday, February 8, 2015

Well, this has to have turned out very different from the start of a lovely pattern. First, the arms were not long enough, and I ended up adding the white to lengthen all, and then it was laying all wonky, so I ended up edging it out and I'm telling you, it went to about kindergarten level. Lol. Oh well. Nice try, Julie!!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Hi! I have been gone from the blog quite some time. One thing I've been trying to practice, is learning to crochet. YouTube is my best friend for this! I can actually watch and really learn! I was never able to fully grasp it before now, but I am pushing forward, and to my happiness, learning.  Below is a flower I made, which will be one of about 35 that all link together to make a tote bag! Should be fun. These are good for portability.
Here is a 3-D butterfly I just tried. He's kinda cute! 
 Here below is what I thought was a butterfly, but I really think it must be a Luna moth with those bottom thingies hanging down.  This one was a huge challenge. I lost the ability to follow the pattern once I got to the bottom two curly bits, and the outer right wing, so I just did it by trying to copy what I had done on the other wing.  It ended up being OK, not perfect. But cute. I think I will block it and stiffen it to use as some sort of decoration.
 These new dianthus plants got in the middle here, but they are so pretty...a beautiful magenta color.
 Here are some slippers my friend KNIT for me, and they are perfect in length, but kept sliding off my heels, so I added 2 rows of single crochet to bring them up ever so slightly, and now they stay on! Yayy! I like the pink trim too!
 Here is a tiny little pouch for holding quarters! Pattern on YouTube. I outlined the front flap and the buttonhole in red. It will get a key ring attached possibly....or maybe not. Good for having change for a drink machine. Secret stash.

 It holds at least 6 quarters, but I bet I could get at leasñt 2 more in. It stretches well.  I used a variegated yarn that had been at my Moms.
I almost forgot to include pictures of two bows I made. The oink is large...about 5inches long, and the red us tiny about 1.5 inches long. 

I watched just the halftime of the Super Bowl. Katy Perry was classy, and did a wonderful job! I like that girl.  I'm not into football, but I hope your team won!