Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another award!!! My goodness!

Walk2Write In Florida has given me an award!!! Thanks, girl!!! So sweet of you!!!!! Again, I invite every one of my regular readers to grab this award for their blogs...cause...guess why??? I think you are all special and I love ya!!! So get it if you wish all deserve it. answer the one word questions below that is part of the deal. It's fun. I am doing it right now. Enjoy!!! Oh...and let me know if you do this, so I can come read your answers!!!

Your Cell Phone? Flip
Your Hair? UGLY
Your Mother? Awesome!!!
Your Father? Genius
Your Favorite Food? All.
Your Dream Last Night? Hmmmmm...
Your Favorite Drink? Fresca
Your Dream/Goal? Librarian
What Room Are You In? Living.
Your Hobby? Succulents
Your Fear? LOSS
Where Do You See Yourself In Six Years? HAPPY
Where Were You Last Night? Here.
Something That You Aren't? Fake
Muffins? Cranberry
Wish List Item? money
Where Did You Grow Up? Florida
Last Thing You Did? Dinner
What Are You Wearing? clothes
Your TV? ON
Your Pets? Cute
Friends? fantastic
Your Life? changing
Your Mood? balanced
Missing Someone? Yes.
Vehicle? Montego
Something You Aren't Wearing? Perfume.
Your Favorite Store? K-Mart
Your Favorite Color? Orange
When Was The Last Time You Laughed? constantly
Last Time You Cried? today
Your Best Friend? Mom
One Place You Go To Over and Over Again? Library
Facebook? No!
Favorite Place To Eat? bbq


Darla said...


Laure Ferlita said...

I know these types of posts are always annoying to do, but it's always fun to get to know others!

Orange, huh?!!

soulbrush said...

yahoooo and you enjoy it, i think i have it, may do again...'where do you see yourself in 5 years? happy!' ummm what does that mean?

walk2write said...

You know, Julie, I should have just done like you did and said anyone can participate. I don't want it to be exclusive. Now I will go back and add a note to the post, since I think I might be offending some people by not listing them. Aargh! Anyway, thanks for participating. And to Ms. Ferlita: actually this post was not at all annoying to do. It got me out of my shell for a while and out visiting some other blogs I enjoy but had been neglecting.

Julie said...

Souly-B...I would have added the word STILL in front of HAPPY if I could have used 2 words!!! :)

Julie said...

Walk2write- I thnk most of the blogs do give the awards to specific folks they pick out...that is OK. I have been picked and not picked before...I think it is just spreading the wealth around in partitions!!! LOL. All is well. I am just such a weirdo...I can't take the time to list individuals either...mine is a time issue mainly, I think.

Julie said...

Laure- yeah...although...I must say that yellow is almost to over take the number one spot as my fav color!!!

Judi said...

Congratulations on another award...again!
I loved reading all about you.
I love all food too..
Special about your mom...*hugs*...thats so sweet.
hope you are having a wonderful day

deepazartz said...

Congratulations Julie!!!!!!!

WOnderful to get to know 'a little more' about you:)