Friday, February 19, 2010

Need help with felt ATC!!!

Hello all ! I decided to post this little elephant ATC that I designed myself...solely for the purpose of gaining any advice you might have. I loosely attached all of the parts of the elephant with french knots (my new found love). I have the elephant just laying on top of the white felt below it that is ATC size (2.5 x 3.5 inches). Now...I need to know if there is a way (hopefully not involving glue, but sewing)...or iron on somethingorother...that I can attach the ellie to the background...and still be able to handsew details on the elephant??? So, I don't want it to become stiff or impenetrable. I have also toyed with the idea of putting a felt back on the elephant and attaching it to the white felt ATC with Velcro so it could be removed to play with. The ATC is for a very young girl.

I just love french knots!!! Interestingly, I told my Mom how much I love them, and she told me I "got that" from my maternal grandmother who used to french knot everything...pillowcases, etc. I loved learning that. She was my country grandma...and those of you who have been following my blog long enough, know that I am a country girl at heart!!!

Today I am thankful for all of the good influences from my Grandma Dora!!!


Bren said...

Cactus Monday... I will have to book mark that. I have been exploring that succulent life in my greenhouse here in zone 5b.

Stop by sometime please!

Teri C said...

This sounds like a question for Lynn. Personally I would paste it. It is ADORABLE!!!!!!

I am a French knot lover also so I know where you are coming from.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

That is a lot of little bity sewing. CUTE. I love your french knot obsession. I remember when those kind of bedspreads were popular. They were so expensive. I drooled over them but never had one. I love your new header photo. That succulent looks so healthy.

Bonnie said...

Very Cute!

Evelyn Howard said...

Looking great! Good luck with it - sorry, cant think of any possible solution.

Have fun, have a great weekend, Ev

Claude said...

Stitch Witch? Or that bonding stuff that quilters use to aplique... is it called wonder under? It's fusable webbing, is all I know...

Lynn said...

if you want to go to the trouble of using fusiable web it is glue on one side and fabric/paper on the other and sticks to your pieces then to the piece you put it on. Used in applique work.
However I would sew it down with the machine and then top sew it by hand embroidery perhaps using the button stitch. Is that the one that goes around the outside of a piece looking like little boxes? I know how to do it but not sure what's it's called. But even a straight stitch using embroidery thread/floss would look good. Keep up your French knots they are lovely.
(Thanks Teri for seeing me as the resident Sew expert. NOT!!! ;-)

Lynn said...

PS are you asking how to adhere the white part to something else? I thought you meant the elephant. I'd do the hand sewing first as it is then sew it to a piece of cereal box cardboard, or to batting and fabric backing. Or to batting nd fabric backing then glue to cardboard if you want it sturdier.

Bethany said...

I don't even know what a french knot is, but I love that you love them and it's in your genes!
And wow, your elephant is super cute.
No idea how to help, sorry. But wanted to wave hi!

Julie said...

Lynn- thanks for the ideas! I am thinking now, instead of attaching the elephant down on the white felt, I can just attach it onto a heavy stabilizer. I'm not sure which hand embroidery stitch makes the little boxes...I will have to research that! There is just too much to think about here...but I appreciate all your ideas!!! Hope it will come out just perfect!!!

carla said...

Do you use those ATC cards they sell at like Hobby Lobby? Or can you use old playing cards? But how do you finish the back?
sorry, i've admired all your creative atc cards for ages! You are so good!
I think an iron on fusible web might be what you are thinking of.

Julie said...

Hi Carla! Thanks for your nice comment! I just started to buy pre-cut ATC's at JoAnn Fabrics. I will still use playing cards too, or cut my own using a playing card as a guide. I usually cover the back of the playing card with another paper...using glue stick to adhere it. That is where you would write details about the card...who it is for, the date, and your name and location.

For the felt ATC's I just attach a smaller peice of cardstock onto the back peice of felt (using stitches or french knots), and then sew the front and back felt peices together.

It is loads of fun...small, fast projects you can share. I hope you will join Blogger so we can see any you make!!!

carla said...

It sounds neat. I've really admired the "fronts" that you've done but couldn't figure out the back. lol.

Doozey is the best subject tho!

If i scrounge out some free time, i might play with it!
Thanks for the information, and inspiration!

yoon see said...

A lot of grea tips given.
Love your ATC too, such charming character!