Saturday, September 10, 2011

The little pianist!

I am sorry...I had published this post and then decided to make the pics larger, but I see Mandy and Cindy had left comments, and I think I have lost them now. Anyway...just wanted to tell the story of how Emily discovered this piano in the back of a restaurant, and she touched a few keys and it made sound...she was surprised. I was watching her from our table...she immediately came running over and said, very excitedly "Grandma Julie, come see this big black thing"!!! We laughed so hard.

Anyway, she charmed the manager and we had the best time watching her...she played it very theatrically (just banging on the keys)and cracked us all up!

Here are the little musicians pink toes in her newest pair of thongs!

So sweet!
xoxo- Julie


Lisa at Greenbow said...

There are no pictures now.

Teri said...

Not sure if this comment made it, Blogger swallowed and it was gone.

So darn cute!! Thanks for the smiles.

Lynn Cohen said...

Oh wish I could see the photos...such a sweet story today.
Needed that, thanks.

soulbrush said...

oh Julie, these are too precious for words, have the toes as your header! She is just too adorable for words, I wanna just kiss her lots!

yoon see said...

Hello little pianist on performances!
I hope she will discover and learn more of music and piano as she grows!
Yes, this is a good start!

Candice Suter.....Sweetstuff said...

Love the light in the shots of her at the piano. She is so cute and love those toes and flops.

Mandy said...

I have to comment on this one as well...the shots of Miss Emily at the piano are absolutely darling! You've got to get those printed in larger sizes and put them somewhere for everyone that visits you to admire. Precious!!!

marianne said...

Oh so cute!!!! What a pretty doll she is!