Thursday, August 28, 2014

Making giant paper flowers!

To decorate my granddaughter's party area.  I found this video on YouTube:

and have made 3 huge flowers now from tissue paper.

She is obsessed with the Equestria Girls, which are the My Little Pony's gone human!  Anyway, the space where she will have her party is made for the addition of giant flowers all around, and each one is the special colors of each Equestria Girl.  Trying to go for a ballroom affect, in a round about kinda way!  I am thinking I may hang some tulle from each one to fancy it up even more, but am worried about them being able to be pulled down by little hands.  We shall see.  Anyway, here are some I have made.

Orange and yellow for Applejack,..... and purple and white for Rarity:
Rainbow colors for Rainbow Dash:
It's hard to tell from the photos, but the middles are sunken down inside, and that there is a section of bright orange tissue paper between the red and yellow.  Each one is about 2.5-3 ft in diameter!  I will need to do some finally fluffing.  They are hot glued into a plastic lid just like in the video.  It will be easy to staple them into wood for hanging.  Now only 4 more to go.

I really appreciated the video and easiness of making these flowers.  A lot of bang for your buck!

I will show the final 4 when I get them done tomorrow!
Ever onward!
XOXO- Julie


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Boy, those are huge! I bet they were fun to make and will surely be enjoyed by the party goers.

Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You are such a creative lady. I hope your family appreciates all your work.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Happy Friday Julie,
I remeber growing up when the older cousins were getting married, that is what we did the night before, make tissue paper flowers to decorate the cars. I do not think they do that anymore. It is a great indoor stay out the of hot sun project too. FUN!

Your sumer flowers are so pretty. have a wonderful Labor Day weekend too.
Bobbie Lynn

Teri said...

Cool flowers! Sounds like a fun party...what time should I be there? 😄

stapeliad said...

Hi Julie...been a long time...are you on Facebook?
Hope you are well.

shirley said...

These are great Julie, I am sure they will look beautiful at the party.