Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hi to all!  A few pictures for you, and some update.  Here is Doozey just waking up this morning!
 These photos have already appeared on Instagram and Facebook, but just wanted to add to my blog for the folks who don't visit those places.  I found these gorgeous orchids on a walk through the neighborhood the other day. The homeowner had attached to a tree in their front yard!  Aren't they just so stunning???
 Have you tried the seasonal pumpkin spice greek yogurt?  Love this one.  My DIL found them first, and posted on her Instagram, so I had to go get some too!  Really gets you into the fall spirit!

I added in some new fake (yes, totally fake) fall flowers from Dollar General, into my front garden.  I absolutely love them!  It's shameful, I know, but it is still so hot here, I hate going outside.  These look great from the sidewalk and road.  I'm happy!  Hopefully the neighbors enjoy the pop of color!  Of course, behind them are my REAL purple Black Knight plants that I adore, a row of REAL green plants I cant remember the name of, and behind that are my REAL hibiscus.  LOL.
 Me getting a snuggle from my Doozey girl.
 A cute Calvin Klein dress I found for Audrey, in size 4 that she is currently growing into. It was at Goodwill for $1.15!!!!!   It is a thicker knit, perfect for cooler days with some leggings and a sweater. Best of all is that she loves it!
                                                                          The top
                                                                       The bottom
 I had Emily home from school this past Friday, and she needed to practice her writing.  I made her these writing sheets with her favorite things on them.  She thought it was fun for as long as she could do it before feeling bad again.  Poor baby.  Luckily she was  better in just 2 days!

                                        Daughter took me to lunch for our two favorite sushi rolls.  A caterpillar roll, and volcano roll.  It was great, as usual!
                                                      Close up of caterpillar roll.
 I made a shaker bookmark with the acetate pieces from junk envelopes.  I used two to allow the glitter stars to shake around easily.  I attached the two pieces together using double sided mounting tape.  It worked great!  Trimmed the edge, and covered the back in a gold holographic tape.

 Took a few shots of the tape section at Staples!  WOWZERS!!!!  Its gorgeous!  Many options, for sure!  I love my Staples!!!

Well, that's about all.  I see my roses are starting a heavy bloom period, so maybe next post I can show them to you.  I'm making beef and chicken enchiladas for dinner.  Can't wait!  Have a lovely day!
                                                                      XOXO- Julie


Lisa at Greenbow said...

You have been a busy girl. I love your Doozey, such a sweet doggie. I have never found anything I like pumpkin in other than pie or bread. I like seeing your craft projects. Your little Granddaughter is growing up so fast. Luck to find a pretty little dress for so little money.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Cute little Doozey! The yogurt sounds delicious. The fake flowers look GREAT lined up in front of your real purple plants.

What a great find on that little dress!

Happy Fall ~ FlowerLady

stapeliad said...

Wow, so many pretty photos! Doozey is soooo adorable! I love her!
And...pumpkin spice greek yogurt? I need that in my life!

Hugs! xoxo

Deb said...

Oh just love the pumpkiin spice yogurt, I found it last week at Publix, I like to think they ordered it after I requested another brand last year. LOL.

The dress is so adorable, I always find great buys at Goodwill.

A friend of mine uses Fake flowers in her garden too and after seeing yours I plan to do that too.