Friday, January 18, 2008

A new life...

Hello again! I don't know why I am so much intrigued by blogging, but I don't want to give up reading (OR SHARING) new name is A Succulent Life, which is to include all areas of my life and thoughts...not just plants necessarily. defines it as:

1. full of juice; juicy.
2. rich in desirable qualities.
3. affording mental nourishment.
4. (of a plant) having fleshy and juicy tissues.
5. a succulent plant, as a sedum or cactus.

My little teacup has served as home for now 3 seperate I redistributed what was in there, and put in 3 little babies, who are saying "I wonder what we will be when we grow up"???

I also recieved some cuttings and a few rooted peices of this variegated pothos (Epipremnum aureum 'Marble Queen')...they are common household plants, but I have never seen one with this coloration before...mostly a near white, with speckling of green...very pretty!!! I believe this plant in all of it's varieties could become an obsession of mine! I have a solid green one outside on my porch right needs friends...or should I say "cousins"!

I plan to take individual photos of my plants and post them, and I have a few things happening suddenly, in the succulent tires a blooming aloe, that you must see....probably tomorrow morning!


No Rain said...

I'm glad to see you back. I had a feeling you would miss it. As I said before, don't do it with a sense of obligation to post every day or other limiting rules and you'll probably have a great time and not feel it burdensome. BTW, the address you listed on my blog was missing the blogspot--but I figured it out, and here I am!

Cindy said...

I've always liked variegated leaves. Pothos is very hardy and grows well indoors. They have one at a restaurant that we go to sometimes. The trailing vines literally snake around the whole entire room.

Stapeliad said...

Dear Julie,
When you decide you don't want to blog anymore PLEASE DON'T DELETE YOUR BLOG!

Just abandon it and come back to it later when you change your mind.


I'm glad you're back!!

Rosemarie said...

I like your choice for the name & the description fits! If you let your Haworthia grow a bit & post back some pix, I might be able to help you with an ID. Good to have a fresh start!

Kontakt said...

Dear Julie,
thanks for leaving comment, I´m right now starting with my blog/web page...
I like your blog also. Keep doing.



Serena said...

Julie, I'm so glad to see you're back and I love the new title!