Sunday, January 20, 2008


Hey...I had to show you these NO PUDGE brownies! All you do is mix up 1 small carton of yogurt,a tsp. of vanilla, and the brownie mix....bake at 350 for 34 minutes...and voila...perfect brownies...they are very low calorie (110 colories for 1/12th of pan), moist and brownie-ish...yummmmmmmmmm!

I transferred my Aptenia cordifolia (Baby Sun Rose)...I.D.'d by Cindy at Bug Safari (see links) into a thrift store find...a doggy planter with a hole drilled out. Thanks Cindy! He looks very handsome in the corner of my kitchen...but only long enough to take a picture...he goes back out on the front porch for some sunshine during the day. He only came in for the photo shoot. Doesn't he look strikingly like my real-life puppy, LullaBelle (alias Doozy) below???


Cindy said...

We love no pudge! We get it at Trader Joes, and we make it every year for Superbowl (and some other times.)

No Rain said...

I'll have to try those brownies. They sure seem easy to make--just my kind of baking style!

Anonymous said...

That Doozy is one handsome dog!

Rosemarie said...

I fear that No Pudge would be dangerous to be around! Calories...hmm...110 X 12 is what I would inhale! I love brownies...but that would lead ME to other things...with a gazillion calories! LOL
LullaBelle is a doll! Yes, the planter is a close resemblance. :)
I wish I could find some variegated Aptenia. I pulled out most of my non-variegated plants. Left 2 sm patches-one pink, one yellow-flowered.

Julie said...

It's very funny, I didn't know "Dannon" exists in the States... because it's a french company...!! but here in Europa the name is "Danone".
Amazing Globalization :-D

Julie said...

Hi is amazing how many products we are gettin here in the States from all other countries! I am enjoying the variety so much...I seem to thrive on variety in all areas of my life....not just succulents! LOL